Pol. Col. Thawee explains that the suspension of Thaksin’s sentence is a law that has been issued since the previous government.

Parliament, Pol. Col. Thawee, Minister of Justice, explains "Thaksin" treatment - detention in another location - suspension of sentence. These are regulations and laws that have been issued since the previous government. Lift detention according to the new law No need to be confined in prison Said he was sorry to hear the accusations of destroying the justice system. The modern prison system is not for revenge. Pol.Col. Thawee Sodsong, Minister of Justice Explain to the senator In the general discussion under Section 153 on public administration with a firm ideology Adhere to the democratic system with the King as Head of State. Perform duties according to the principles of law and the rule of law for the highest benefit of the public. which understands well between personal benefit and public benefit and personally choose to do it for the public benefit and between merit and following the law Choose to follow the law As for the law and correctness Even though they may not go together But we have to solve it together. As for the patronage system and the moral system Choose a moral system and confirm that in performing the duties Never received orders from Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister. in things that are against the law and morality and returning to receive punishment according to the justice process on August 22, 2023, which at that time was under the government of General Prayut Chan-o-cha. The Minister of Justice was Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, and civil servants serving as the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Director General of the Department of Corrections The commanders of the Bangkok Special Prison are still the same. Since coming on duty, no one has ordered any changes. and stated that he was sorry to hear such accusations 'When Mr. Thawin accused me of destroying the justice process, do you think that General Prayut I can go give you orders. Prime Minister Thaksin will enter the country and must go to the hospital immediately Do you think that I will give orders or t hat Prime Minister Settha will be able to give orders to Mr. Wisanu? At that time, it was still unknown whether the Prachachat Party would join the government or not. I want to be a little fair with the facts. I think it's destroying the justice system. It is seizing power and tearing up the constitution,' Pol. Col. Thawee said. Pol. Col. Thawee also said that he will assume the position of minister on September 11, 2023, after Mr. Thaksin went for treatment in the police hospital. Ready to bring up correctional regulations and laws to explain. which has been considered and revised to be in line with the country's criminal policy. Previously it used the theory of "revenge, compensation, intimidation, deterrence" but has now changed to using the theory of "rehabilitation" which when the law has been amended Government officials do not have the power to make corrections. and emphasizes that the imposition of punishment is within the jurisdiction of the court. But the administration of punishment is in accordan ce with the correctional law. And currently, with more than 200,000 prisoners overflowing, we have considered that going to the police hospital on the 14th floor for treatment is in accordance with the regulations and laws that already existed before. And one reason is a medical matter Correctional hospitals are not yet ready to support them. In addition, hospitals are considered other places of detention as specified by regulations. And according to the new law, the detention does not have to be in prison. 'Former Prime Minister Thaksin has been imprisoned. but is in another detention facility. which you are not the only one There is another person From the referenced number of 40-50,000 people, but in the case of more than 120 days, the number is not much,' Pol. Col. Thawee said. Minister of Justice Also clarified about the suspension of punishment. that the Corrections Department or the Minister of Justice does not have the authority to suspend anyone's sentence But it is the power of the suspension comm ittee. which is considered every month according to the criteria that have already existed And in the case of Mr. Thaksin, the representative of the Ministry of Public Health There is an opinion that this is a case that meets the criteria for the elderly. And there isn't much punishment left. Not masturbating well enough At the same time, representatives of the Royal Thai Police agreed. and saw that the hospital is also a controlled place according to the law and clarified that patient information is personal information that cannot be disclosed. If the Senate sees that there is a problem with the law, it is ready to fix it. Before concluding, the thinking system of modern prisons I didn't take revenge. Prison isn't just for holding people. It is also available for issue. Source: Thai News Agency