PUTRAJAYA, The Malaysian Youth Mental Health Index 2023 (MyMHI'23), which assesses the mental health of youth aged between 15 and 30, was launched today. Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh launched the initiative, which was led by the Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES), the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS), and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and supported by relevant stakeholders. KBS, in a statement, said that the MyMHI'23 comprised seven domains, namely lifestyle, surrounding environment, personal characteristics, life experience, social support, coping mechanism, and healthy mind, with 28 indicators. 'Overall, the MyMHI'23 involving 5,867 respondents indicates that the mental health of youth is at a moderately satisfactory level with a score of 71.91. 'The life experience domain recorded the highest score (88.51), indicating a satisfactory level, while the surrounding environment domain recorded the lowest score (65.46), indicating a moderately satisfactory level,' the statem ent said. According to KBS, one intervention identified to improve youth mental health is to create living spaces that are not overcrowded and equipped with adequate facilities, thus fostering a supportive and stress-free environment. Other interventions include improving youth's accessibility to mental health services, promoting a healthy lifestyle involving healthy foods and physical activities, and enhancing resilience through awareness and a clear understanding of mental health to avoid stereotypes. Additionally, empowering youth participation in associations and voluntary activities, and empowering the role of parents and caregivers through mastery of mental health literacy and positive parenting skills. The ministry said that efforts to assess and improve the mental health of Malaysian youth were in line with Strategy 1, Core 3 of the MADANI Youth Development Model 2030 (MPBM2030), namely to enhance youth mental health, physical fitness, and spiritual intelligence. 'It is hoped that all stakeholder s can cooperate and support KBS and the Health Ministry in advocating youth mental health issues,' it said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency