Have your lawyer report Sonthiya for defamation.

Parliament, "Capt. Thammanat" ignores "Sonthiya"'s complaint to investigate the problem of illegal pork. It was revealed that the lawyer had filed a complaint against him for defamation. Capt. Thammanat Prompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, mentioned the case of Mr. Sonthiya Sawadee, former advisor to the Commission on Law, Justice and Human Rights. House of Representatives Submit a letter requesting an inspection of Capt. Thammanat's work. In the case of solving the problem of feral pigs, they said that they had not paid attention to this matter. Issues that have already been submitted to them 'Even citing articles in the Constitution is wrong. When you dare to open your face and complain. It's normal for my legal department. which was verified to be considered defamatory Therefore, the case was filed last week.' Minister of Agriculture Said. Source: Thai News Agency