Yoon appoints new vice science ministers

President Yoon Suk Yeol on Friday appointed experienced bureaucrats as new vice science ministers, his office said. Lee Chang-yune, the secretary-general of the Presidential Advisory Council on Science and Technology, was appointed to replace Cho Seong-kyung as the first vice science minister in charge of science technology policies, the presidential office said. Kang Do-hyun, director of ICT policy at the science ministry, was appointed to replace Park Yun-kyu as the second vice science minister in charge of the country's ICT policies. Yoon also appointed Ryu Kwang-jun, head of the office of science, technology and innovation coordination at the ministry, as the vice minister for science, technology and innovation. The three new vice ministers are set to officially assume their roles next Monday. The presidential office said the new vice ministers are seasoned bureaucrats with extensive experience in the science ministry and thus are expected to successfully lead the government's science and ICT poli cies.