WorldVentures Official Response to an Article about The Company in a Taiwanese Newspaper

PLANO, Texas, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Established nearly nine years ago, WorldVentures is the leading international direct seller of  vacation club memberships. We are a privately-held group of companies headquartered in Plano, Texas with active Independent Representatives and Members in 28 countries.

WorldVentures has not yet commenced business in Taiwan. And it is not possible for a Taiwan resident to become a representative or customer of WorldVentures at this time. Therefore, any activity or meetings in Taiwan are not authorized by the company nor are they company organized or hosted events.

We are aware that it is common in direct selling for representatives from other nearby markets already open to the WorldVentures business to be over enthusiastic and hold meetings or start promoting the business in advance of opening, but this is not authorized, is a breach of our representative agreement and where it is brought to our attention, we normally terminate the agreement and representative status of those concerned in accordance with our policies and procedures.

Anyone who is approached by a person claiming to represent WorldVentures and/or promoting our business model should contact with the name and details of the individuals concerned. Current sales representatives in other markets in the region have been counseled to cease activities, if any, in Taiwan.

We have been investigating the possibility of opening in Taiwan over the last year and as part of that process have registered a subsidiary company in Taiwan. However, that company will not start operations until we have secured all necessary approvals and consents from competent authorities and completed all required filings in Taiwan, and until we are assured by our local advisors that WorldVentures will be operating in accordance with local law and custom.

We have noticed the news report published by the newspaper Apple Daily in Taiwan on July 21, 2014, and we strongly challenge the reporter’s description of WorldVentures as a pyramid scheme company. All our business has been reviewed carefully with local advisors in each of the jurisdictions in which we do business and we pay very high attention to the need to comply with local laws fully. Again, we will not start our business in any countries/regions until competent approvals (if required) are obtained and all registration processes required are completed. We understand the U.S. customer services team was contacted about our plans to open in Taiwan; we apologize for any misleading information provided, if any. We do operate a dedicated call center in the region for Asia and calls relating to WorldVentures activity in Asia should be directed to +85258084986. Press enquiries should be directed to

The mission of our company is to offer great life experiences, personal development and financial opportunity, and we look forward to bringing that to the people of Taiwan in the near future.