World Vision Launches a Social Media Campaign

#ForChildrenForChangeForLife is a social media campaign launched here today by World Vision as a part of an ongoing effort to address the public on important issues for the well-being of children in Cambodia.

According to a World Vision's press release AKP received this morning, this is a series of six short videos that bring greater attention to the importance of community development, health and nutrition, education, child protection, youth empowerment and the culture of philanthropy, two of which stories about starting a family, and youth empowerment went viral.

World Vision is proud to have worked in Cambodia for the last 40 years building strong communities and working towards children's well-being, said Mr. Phearun Kuch, Public Relations and Marketing Manager for World Vision.

Nutrition is one of our most important areas of work in Cambodia. The Gift of Happiness, the second video in the series on Health and Nutrition, which follows the progress of a couple with a baby, features a woman breast-feeding her baby in a public space although she might feel a little hesitant at first, he continued.

World Vision is a child-focused international NGO, working with children, families and communities across 9 provinces, covering 67 districts and 268 communes, in Cambodia. World Vision focuses its programmes on Education and Life Skills, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection and Youth Empowerment.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press