World Population Data: Cambodian Population to Peak 19.7 Million By 2035

The Population Reference Bureau (PRB)'s 2019 world population data sheet released recently shows that Cambodian population is expected to reach 19.7 million by mid-2035 and to 21.9 million by mid-2050.

According to the fact sheet, Cambodia currently has a total of 16.5 million population and the average household size is 4.6 people, while the percentage of the population under the age of 15 is 31 percent and 65 years old and older is 4 percent.

The source continued that there are only 6 deaths per 1,000 population, and the male and female population between 15 to 24 years old living with HIV/AIDS is 0.1 percent.

A total of 23 percent of Cambodia's population live in urban areas, and the gross national income per capita was recorded at US$4,060 in 2017, it added.

The average life expectancy for male population is 69 years old and female population is 73 years old.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press