Why RELLECIGA Swimwear Was Chosen by Amazon

NEW YORK, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — RELLECIGA has been chosen as the top seller to take part in Lightning Deals again on Amazon.com on the last day of March and got very good results. This is not the first time that RELLECIGA took part in this event – earlier in February Amazon has helped promote RELLECIGA on its website and gained popularity before summer. Soon it became the Top 1 of swimwear and Top 123 of Apparel.

As is known, Amazon is a global superstore. It used to focus on books and consumer electronics, and later it expanded its range to all the retail goods. Differs from other platforms which are still focusing on cheap products in bad quality, Amazon moves one step forward. It notices that importance of quality and brand – it can help build the reputation from both suppliers and consumers. As a result, it is now choosing the reliable brands whose products are in the top quality and helping them to build the brands on its own website.

RELLECIGA, as a Paris-based bikini brand, meets the requirement of Amazon totally and was chosen together with Roxy and Seafolly to enter the website soon after Amazon released the brand-building plan. The main reason that Amazon chose RELLECIGA is its attitude to the quality except for its brand and design. Nowadays the competition of swimwear is even more severe – most manufacturers focus on the cost and price instead of quality and design. Thus there are swimwear that can only be worn once which is disposable. As we all know, swimwear, especially bikini, is the closest wearing to ladies when they are swimming or relaxing on the beach. It must be of as high quality as lingerie so that they can feel more comfortable and show out their most confident and sexiest side. With a dream of "the sexiest woman in the world wears the sexiest bikini", RELLECIGA concentrates at every detail. Besides using better materials, which is a regular method to guarantee quality, RELLECIGA also uses better technology to improve the quality. For instance, it uses the folding technology to hide the stitches so that the wearer will not feel them and moreover, it looks even more aesthetic.

You can find RELLECIGA even easier on Amazon.com after the Easter. And another good news is that RELLECIGA has just agreed to a swimwear deal with the U.S. supermodel Aubrey Skyy. RELLECIGA believes in healthy instead of skinny style, and Aubrey will help spread its concept all over the world. Moreover, RELLECIGA also inspires more customized swimwear designs for girls like Aubrey in the near future.

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