Webtel.mobi to Announce Details of Potentially Sector-Influencing Facilities, in the Coming Weeks

WM’s Suite of Products includes multiple Facilities potentially influencing a number of sectors – including some of the most valuable worldwide

Tel.mobi Group’s TUVs

Examples of Tel.mobi Group’s TUVs in relation to a variety of currencies – CHF, EUR, GBP and USD’

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Webtel.mobi (“WM”) – the Global Telephony Company that recently announced its recommencement of unrestricted global operations – is in the process of making details of the various facilities in its product suite publicly available.

WM recently issued releases regarding its TUV Digital Currency, its TUV Digital Currency Transfers Facility and its ICLM Transfers Facility, the capacities of which render current Cryptocurrencies redundant, supersede the requirement for CBDCs and provide two fully operational alternatives to the SWIFT system and other international and national transfers systems.

These are, however, only three of the more than 40 Facilities within WM’S product suite that have the potential to provide strategic impact or sector-influencing impact, across some of the largest markets in the world by volume and value.

In the coming weeks, WM will announce details on how its Facilities will influence the Global Offline Payments sector, the Global Online Payments Sector, the Global FX Market, and various other markets.

In order to create a system in which Digital Currencies could function on a global basis – and in a manner that did not infringe of the currency sovereignty and monetary policies of Central Banks or States – WM spent nine years testing and refining its system in fully-operation, but restricted, global operations.

It then took down its Platform 1, via which it executed its testing, and rebuilt from scratch its refined Platform 2 – to carry out unrestricted global operations. Platform 2 – which took three years to rebuild – incorporates all of the lessons learnt in the global testing, and is fully compliant with all regulations applicable to a telephony company in the ITSP sector, that provides services to a members-Only Closed-Loop system.

WM’s Platform 2 is powered by an Artificial Intelligence system known as an Adaptive Complex System. The Adaptive Complex System – referred to as “HAL” within WM – exponentially amplifies WM’s capacities across all operational, management, administered and expansion aspects of its business.

WM expands its business worldwide by means of Affiliates – known as VSMPs or Virtual Specialized Mobile Providers. It provides existing companies or entities with their own versions of WM at zero cost and zero personnel, and with zero marketing or support requirements from them. It also provides them with 10% of the net revenue from their Affiliate. In return, the VSMPs sends or provides WM’s retail marketing directly to their existing client bases.

This program is known as the TEL.mobi Group Global Alliance – and, prior to even the recommencement of unrestricted global operations, companies, and other entities with cumulative over 288 million members had obtained VSMPs and become members of the TMG Global Alliance. Due to this methodology, WM does not ever have to execute expensive media or marketing campaigns to expand internationally. It rather expands exponentially through zero-cost co-operative marketing via the entities that acquire VSMPs.

WM had its entire system reviewed by the Levy Economics Institute and its Head of Research prior to it recommencing unrestricted global operations, and it has now made videos of an interview with the Head of Research at the Levy Economics Institute – Professor Jan Kregel – available for public review.

Media Contact:
Nick Lambert: wm@thoburns.com

Interview with Professor Jan Kregel on the WM System:
https://youtu.be/XYBrCikUhn8  (Full Interview (+/- 34 minutes)
https://youtu.be/J3BkZylb04s (Interview Extracts +/- 11 minutes)

Research Reports on the WM Global Clearing System:

The TEL.mobi Group Global Alliance:

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