U.S. Embassy Welcomes Sunday Commune/Sangkat Council Election

The United States Embassy in Phnom Penh congratulates the millions of Cambodian citizens who went to the polls on Sunday to select their commune/Sangkat leaders, said the embassy in its statement released on its social media this afternoon.

We also commend the Royal Government of Cambodia, the National Election Committee (NEC), election officials, and volunteers for their efforts to prepare for and carry out these elections, it added.

According to the same source, the embassy had 40 election observer teams deployed throughout Cambodia, in coordination with the NEC. These teams visited more than 300 locations in Phnom Penh and 13 provinces.

In general, it underlined, the polling stations observed by these teams were orderly and peaceful. Additional reports from other domestic and international election observation teams support these initial findings.

Yesterday's election is an important milestone in Cambodia's continued democratic development. We call on Cambodian citizens, political parties, and institutions to accept the results of the election peacefully and in a spirit of reconciliation and cooperation, it said.

The U.S. Embassy will continue to monitor events as the NEC tabulates and announces the results. It expects that the NEC will carry out this responsibility with the highest level of integrity and transparency, and that it will also investigate fully the concerns expressed by opposition parties and civil society organisations before and during the campaign.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press