U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh Celebrates Earth Day Event

The U.S Embassy in Phnom Penh celebrated the Earth Day by installing new solar panel system in the embassy to reduce the embassy's electricity use.

The U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. William Heidt today (April 24, 2018), in conjunction with marking Earth Day, presided over the unveiling of the U.S. Embassy's new solar panel system that will dramatically reduce the Embassy's electricity use and take a step in reducing our carbon footprint, said the embassy in a press release AKP received recently.

The event also included an annual bazaar that featured recycled products and a farmers market by local vendors who showed off their local, environmentally-friendly products, it added.

This event is an opportunity to highlight steps the U.S. Embassy is taking to invest in and protect Cambodia's environment, it underlined.

According to the same source, in total, 940 new solar panels at a cost of approximately US$1 million were installed on the U.S. Embassy's rooftop for a long time in the making and will now save the Embassy about US$65,000 a year in electricity costs. The solar panels like the ones initiated today are an investment in the future and will pay for themselves with the electricity they save in 19 years. The panels generate enough electricity to power about 240 Cambodian houses.

We chose to do this project because we want to protect the environment that we all share, H.E. Willaim Heidt said in his remarks. The U.S. Embassy is proud to have made this investment in Cambodia's environmental future. We have a saying in in the United States to think globally and act locally � and that is exactly what the U.S. Embassy is trying to do here today.

Cambodia is a very sunny country with a very large solar power potential, the Ambassador added. We hope this project will encourage other institutions to install solar arrays as well.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press