Two Japanese Marine Self-Defense Forces ships dock in Jakarta

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Two destroyer ships of the Japanese Marine Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) docked at TanjungPriok Port in North Jakarta on Monday, as part of the 60th Anniversary of Indonesia-Japan Diplomatic Relations.

The two JMSDF ships Makinami and Kashima would dock in Jakarta from June 4 to 8, and hold some engagement with locals, namely courtesy calls to Indonesian Navys high ranking officials and mayor of North Jakarta, pay a tribute to Indonesias Heroes Cemetery Kalibata, and hold a music concert.

Rear Admiral Hiroyuki Izumi, the commander of the two fleets, noted during a welcoming ceremony at the TanjungPriok Port on Monday, said that he brought 600 personnel, including 191 young cadets who had just graduated from JMSDF Academy.

"This year, we have been sailing around the world within five months, from May 21 to October 30, and visiting 10 countries with 12 stops," he noted.

Aside from the commemorations visit, Izumi said that JSDMF holds a long distance sailing annually to train the young cadets about global perspective and partnership. This year, they will be sailing through distance of 31 thousand miles.

"I think our friendship has an important role in maintaining prosperity and security in Asia," he remarked.

The two JSDMF destroyers Makinami (weights 4,650 tons) and Kashima (weights 4,050 tons) will be opened for public for a day visit on Wednesday, June 6, at 9 to 11 AM.

During the welcoming event, First Admiral DenihHendrata, commander of Indonesian Navy of Jakartas Main Base III, expected that the visit would strengthen partnership between two countries marine force through sharing of knowledge and experience.

Source: Antara News