Triumph Launches “Find the One” Campaign

LONDON, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

After the success of the Stand Up for Fit campaign, Triumph sets out on a mission to help 500,000 women to "Find the One", the perfectly fitting bra.

Triumph’s "Find the One" campaign is part of our ongoing mission to help as many women as possible to find the perfectly fitting bra. The right bra is completely life-changing: it means no more pinching, no more straps or underwire that dig in – only weightless support, total comfort and a beautifully shaped silhouette. For 129 years, we have been helping women to look and feel their best, so we know that when they feel comfortable and secure in their lingerie, they glow with confidence, look fabulous and feel incredible.

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Last year’s Stand Up for Fit campaign measured a staggering 380,000 women for the right bra – beating the original target of 100,000. This overwhelmingly positive response pushed us to raise the stakes even higher with our global "Find the One" campaign and aim to fit half a million women with that very special, super comfortable bra, the one that they will share the rest of their lives with.

"Find the One" is endorsed by six influential fashion and lifestyle bloggers and a beauty expert, alongside 44 ladies from different parts of Europe.

These women appear in a global "Find the One" campaign film, directed by the acclaimed Ivana Bobic that engages audiences by playing on the idea of finding the "The One" in love. The movie is edited so that each lady appears to be describing her search for the perfect partner, when it is revealed she is actually talking about the perfect bra.

Appearing in the film are:

  • Sasha Wilkins, founder of
  • Cora Harrington, founder of
  • Anna-Lea Popp, founder of
  • Ella Catliff, founder of
  • Sali Hughes, founder of
  • Lindsey Calla, founder of
  • Valentine Vanesse, founder of

The main campaign film will be accompanied by a series of shorts featuring the fashion influencers and beauty experts sharing a range of helpful tips and presenting their favourite Triumph styles.

Eszter Szijarto, Head of Brand Marketing at Triumph, comments: "’Find the One empowers women to discover the joys of the perfect bra. At Triumph, we care deeply about helping womens confidence to shine through and our aim is to bring this feeling to as many ladies as possible."

We have also developed an accessible, informative and feminine online environment – the "Find the One" Hub – where users can get advice, book a bra fitting, buy the ideal bra and, of course, view the films.

By talking about the enjoyment and pleasure of the bra finding process, the "Find the One" campaign wishes to inspire women to join the mission and share the benefits of finding "The One".

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