Trelica Named ‘Leader’ and ‘Outperformer’ in GigaOm’s SaaS Management Platforms Radar Report

GigaOm Radar for SaaS Management Platforms

CAMBRIDGE, England, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trelica has been identified as a SaaS Management ‘outperformer’ in GigaOm’s Radar Report on SaaS Management Platform providers. The report: ‘Key Criteria for Evaluating SaaS Management Platforms,’ positions Trelica as one of three industry ‘leaders’ and one of just two industry ‘outperformers’.

In the report, outperformers are defined as companies that provide “end-to-end platforms that offer features for both SaaSFinOps and SaaSOps”. By supporting both financial optimization for SaaS portfolios (SaaSFinOps), and tools for automating SaaS management and user onboarding (SaaSOps), outperformers provide the widest possible range of SaaS management benefits available in the market.

Based on its rare ability to provide end-to-end SaaS management coverage, Trelica “scores highly across all key criteria and evaluation metrics,” according to the report.

About the report

The GigaOm Radar report highlights key Software-as-a-Service Management Platform vendors, equipping IT decision-makers with the information they need to select the best fit for their business and use case requirements. Specifically, the report locates companies on two key axes: ‘maturity’ and ‘innovation’ based on evaluated criteria such as feature-richness, scalability, performance and total cost of ownership. Industry leaders are positioned in the innermost, dark gray circle of the GigaOm ‘Radar’.

Why was Trelica identified a market outperformer?

The vendor insights section of the GigaOm report explains why Trelica has been named an ‘outperformer’, listing the company’s key strengths vs. other providers who were evaluated. These include “end-to-end SMP features with a wide range of integrations, a content rich application catalog, full visibility of spend, an innovative contract renewal module, and a user-friendly lifecycle management workflow solution.”

Trelica viewpoint: why ‘end-to-end’ SaaS Management is the way to go

Many SaaS Management solutions focus only on Spend Management, which looks for opportunities for cost-reduction across the app portfolio. Others focus on Operations Management, which automates employee onboarding, deprovisioning of unused licenses and other time-consuming processes.

With Trelica, organizations can address these two key requirements with a single provider, and a single system – providing the widest range of benefits and delivering more ROI.

Helping IT take a strategic role in SaaS Management

Another key benefit of the end-to-end approach that earned Trelica its outperformer status is a more strategic role for the IT team in SaaS Management. This is based on the ability to involve lines of business who source and pay for apps, and to equip them with tools for optimizing SaaS usage and budgets, while also allowing IT to maintain overall visibility and control of the entire SaaS estate.

Validation for Trelica’s end-to-end SaaS approach

Trelica’s holistic, end-to-end SaaS management capabilities help organizations to maximize ROI based on tactical spend optimization, and longer-term savings based on efficient, standardized SaaS operations.

Iain McGhee, Co-Founder of Trelica, says, “there will always be a business need to control IT spend but the bigger picture in this space – and the very reason we created Trelica – is to help IT teams seize the opportunity to take an ever more strategic role with SaaS management.”

You can request a full version of the report here. You can also learn more about Trelica’s SaaS Management Platform at

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