Tour to Cambodia Wins Mekong Tourism Award 2015

The tour product "Teaching physical education to elementary school pupils in Cambodia" has won the Exchange Program Award of Mekong Tourism Award 2015, said a press release of ASEAN-Japan Center dated Mar. 8.

Organized by Peace In Tour Co., Ltd., it pointed out, this is a program to enroll tour participants to teach physical education to pupils at schools in remote areas in Siem Reap. The program provides two-way interaction among tour participants and school pupils and ideally promotes win-win relationship among them. 13,000 customers joined the program vs. initial target number of 8.

The award was organized by the ASEAN-Japan Centre and was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Japan Tourism Agency, the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) and the Overseas Tour Operators Association of Japan (OTOA), said the press release, stressing that five excellent tour products to destinations in CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) have been selected as winners of the Mekong Tourism Award 2015. Travel agents as well as land operators and airline companies of the selected tour products were awarded in Tokyo on Tuesday.

The purpose of this award is to encourage Japanese travel industry to produce unique and diversified quality tour products to CLMV and to entice outbound travel from Japan to destinations in CLMV, it underlined.

According to the press release, other awardees of the Mekong Tourism Award 2015 are Two major ruins in Myanmar: Bagan and Kakku Pagoda in 6,7 days by H.I.S. Co., Ltd. (New Destination Award); Five days in Luang Prabang and stay at Kamu Village (Laos) by Jumping Tour Co., Ltd. (Ecotourism Award); Relaxing and peaceful journey to Laos and Mekong River cruise to unexplored places by Asahi Sun Tours, Inc. (Unique Tour Award); and Travel across Vietnam - Six World Heritage sites in 7 days by Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd. (Jury's Special Award).

The ASEAN-Japan Centre is an intergovernmental organization established by the ASEAN Member States and Japan in 1981. It has been promoting exports from ASEAN to Japan while revitalizing investment, tourism as well as people-to-people exchanges between the ASEAN Member States and Japan through various activities.

Source: AKP