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Tonle Snguot Reinstituted after Centuries of Drying Up

Tonle Snguot, located in the north of Angkor Thom, about 400 metres from the Dei Chhnang Gate, is an ancient reservoir built by Khmer ancestors during the Angkorian period, said the APSARA National Authority’s news release dated Feb. 6.

According to the same source, in the east of this reservoir is Preah Khan Temple and in the west is Tonle Snguot Temple, which was one of the four ancient hospitals located around Angkor Thom during the reign of King Jayavarman VII in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

Tonle Snguot of 800 metres long and 400 metrws wide has been damaged and dried up due to abandonment and lack of care for centuries, the same source added.

Thanks to the participation of monks, local villagers and local authorities, the APSARA National Authority has just completed the restoration of the dam, the construction of the sluice gate, and the installation of the ancient irrigation system of this ancient reservoir, which can permanently store about 750,000 cubic metres of water.

The reinstitution of the Tonle Snguot is in line with the project to restore the ancient irrigation system in the Angkor area, to protect the Angkor site and the Siem Reap city from flooding during the rainy season, and also store water in the ancient reservoirs, moats, barays, and canals to support the temples, enhance the value of the cultural landscape, as well as to get enough water for the locals to use every day.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press