Three Ministries Issue a Prakas on Management of Information Dissemination through Websites and Social Media

An inter-ministerial Prakas (proclamation) was released yesterday by the Ministries of Information, Interior, and Posts and Telecommunications to manage the dissemination of news and information through websites and social media network.

The Prakas signed by the Ministers of the three ministries is aimed to counter, prevent any dissemination or distribution of information content or SMS, audio, picture, video and/or other forms deliberately harming national security, relationship with other countries, national economy and public order, and national culture and tradition.

Specialised entities obliged to implement the inter-ministerial Prakas are the General Department of Media and Broadcasting, General Commissariat of National Police, and Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia. They will cooperate in monitoring, conducting studies and research, and investigating any online business or dissemination violating the laws in order to take legal actions.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press