Thousands of Yogis Unite at Toronto's Fort York for the Lolë White Tour (Binary Option Evolution)

Thousands of Yogis Unite at Toronto's Fort York for the Lolë White Tour

 Lolë White Tour

Today the Lolë White Tour TM visited Toronto’s stunning Fort York for a spectacular outdoor yoga session, one in a series of unforgettable events around the world organized by women’s activewear and lifestyle brand Lolë.

A group of nearly 2,000 yoga-lovers, dressed all in white as a symbol of peace, united to experience a morning of pure serenity against the backdrop of historic Fort York in downtown Toronto. From 8 am to 2 pm, this breathtaking location hosted a special yoga class led by world-renowned instructors Grace Dubery & Lisa Messina, set to the strains of live music from artists Dan Mangan and AroarA. Participants basked in the sunshine, empowered by nature and invigorated by the company of like-minded wellness enthusiasts.

Toronto is the third stop in this year’s Tour, which kicked off in June with an extraordinary session joining together 1,500 yogis under the , before stopping in Montreal for a mesmerizing 6,500-person event at the city’s Old Port. Next, the Tour will continue on to its largest event, a 10,000-person class in New York’s Central Park, before concluding in Los Angeles. Each event is a transformative and invigorating experience for body and soul, guided by world-class yoga instructors and set to live music performed by international artists. In addition to Dan Mangan & AroarA in Toronto, the Tour’s live soundtrack will feature Ingrid Michaelson & special guest Donna De Lory in New York and Odd Us in Los Angeles.

“From Paris and Montreal to Toronto and beyond, the global scope of the Tour – which this year brings together over 25,000 yoga enthusiasts in cities worldwide – is an exciting reflection of our brand’s international expansion,” said Bernard Mariette, President and CEO of Coalision, which owns Lolë. “It all sets the stage for next year’s event in Cambodia – our first major session in Asia – which will convey the Lolë message of the benefits of yoga, meditation, and inner peace on a truly universal stage.”

“When so many yoga lovers gather together to practice with live musical accompaniment, the flow of communal energy is just incredible,” said Isabelle Mille, VP Entertainment of Lolë. “This year, our Tour really celebrates this boundary-erasing power of yoga and embodies Lolë’s mission to get people moving, connecting and feeling good inside out.”

The annual Lolë White Tour was launched in 2012 with the goal of building a global wellness movement. By the end of this year’s edition, the Tour will have united close to 50,000 yoga lovers around the world, bringing top yoga talent together with local communities to practice in inspiring, emotionally uplifting locations. The Tour has become renowned in the wellness space for promoting personal connections, community involvement, and the opportunity to experience the exceptional.

About Lolë:
Lolë nurtures the body and mind with fun, feminine, and beautifully designed activewear that’s stylish enough to transition instantly from the studio to the street. Designed for today’s active urban woman, Lolë collections truly reflect a modern lifestyle, and turns consumption into investment by offering long-lasting, versatile clothing with real value. Lolë stands for Live Out Loud Everyday.