Midea Group is First Organization to Achieve CSA Group Certification to New Tri-National North American Standard for Heating and Cooling Equipment

GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CSA Group, a leading global provider of testing and certification services and a standards development organization, today officially announced its first certification of Midea Group’s dehumidifiers to the new CSA/UL/ANCE tri-national standard for heating and cooling equipment: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60355-2-40-12. Midea Group has received certification well in advance of the mandatory compliance required by November 30, 2022.

Mr. Jiang Yi (Vice President, China and Hong Kong, CSA Group) is awarding Mr. Miao Xiong Wei (Director, The Oversea Division of R&D Center , The Division of Residential Air-Conditioning) the CSA Group Certification

Mr. Jiang Yi (Vice President, China and Hong Kong, CSA Group) is awarding Mr. Miao Xiong Wei (Director, The Oversea Division of R&D Center , The Division of Residential Air-Conditioning) the CSA Group Certification

Midea Group, a leading global manufacturer of consumer and home appliances, including heating and air conditioning units and dehumidifiers, achieved certification to the Canada/United States/Mexico tri-national standard for its dehumidifiers.

“This is a great accomplishment for Midea,” said Mr. Jiang Yi, Vice President, China and Hong Kong, CSA Group. “By achieving certification to the standard now, well before the requirement, they will have a competitive advantage in North America.CSA Group is proud to promote the adoption of new technologies that help our clients become global leaders through innovation and forward thinking business practices.”

This is the first CSA Group certification project to the harmonized tri-national standard. As of November 30, 2022 all manufacturers of electrical heat pumps, air-conditioners and dehumidifiers must comply with the new standard. The standard is based on the IEC standard with minimized changes for the North American market. Products that meet the standard conform to a single set of requirements to produce one product for worldwide use.

“Our two organizations have a long standing relationship. CSA Group helped develop the tri-national standard and brought considerable knowledge and expertise to the process,” said Mr.Wu Wenxin, The CEO of Residential Air Conditioner Division, Midea Group. “We wanted to be progressive in our approach by ensuring our products met the requirements ahead of the curve, and Midea Group is thrilled to have the first product CSA Group has certified to this standard.”

As the new tri-national standard is based on the IEC standard, early compliance can benefit manufacturers in a number of ways; it means products meet global standards giving access to numerous markets and allows for one set of designs and tests for products, helping to reduce development costs for new products.  Compliance with the new standard, fulfills the requirements in CSA standards C22.2 No.92-1971, C22.2 No.117-1970, C22.2 No.236-11, and CAN/CSA-E60335-2-40-01, and UL standards UL 474, UL 484, and UL 1995.

CSA Group Contact
Pino Chen
Manager, Media Relations, Asia

Midea Group Contact
Mr. Liu Yongjun
Marketing Manager

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Ambi Climate Launches on Crowdtivate

HONG KONG, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Ambi Climate — the delightfully simple add-on upgrade that simplifies your comfort and optimises your home’s air conditioning (“AC”) — has launched on Crowdtivate, the Asia-focused crowdfunding site. Crowdtivate is created by Starhub, Singapore’s first fully integrated info-communications company, in partnership with Crowdonomics, the crowd-powered technology solutions and strategic advisory firm based in Singapore. “We are honoured to be selected as one of the launch products on Crowdtivate, the first site to truly support the Asian entrepreneur,” says Julian Lee, the CEO of Ambi Labs. “We have been exploring, for some time now, how best to crowdfund our Asia-focused product, Ambi Climate. While certain country specific crowdfunding platforms exist, this is the first platform that can reach consumers throughout Asia.”

Ambi Climate solves common AC usage complaints caused by the inability of current air-conditioners to automatically maintain constant thermal comfort. Over the past two years, Ambi Labs has conducted online surveys across ten key markets in Asia, with over 4,000 respondents. Over 72% of respondents in the region identified with at least one comfort challenge, such as finding the room too warm, too cool, too dry or too humid at times.

Ambi Labs’ research indicates that these difficulties are largely due to the outdated design of existing AC remotes. Julian commented: “Current remote controls encourage the user to focus on power and temperature buttons, so it is unsurprising that many users engage in inefficient on/off control behaviour — they switch on their ACs when they are hot, and switch them off when it gets too cold. The resulting ‘yo yo-ing’ in temperature, as some of our research participants called it, is both uncomfortable and a waste of energy. They have also complained about needing to adjust their ACs as much as every 30 minutes, and some habitually wake up in the middle of the night to adjust the settings.”

This product resonates strongly with the Asian audience, with Ambi Climate recently winning the People’s Choice Award at Echelon 2014, the leading startup event in Asia. Many consumers have also expressed their support, leaving messages of encouragement like: “The aircon at my office is cranky, sometimes being too cold and other times being not cold enough. It is quite tiring to constantly switch [it] on and off… Hope this device can settled [sic] my problem and others like me and “[Needing] to always tweak the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature perfectly describes me. I’m excited that there is a product in the market that solves my daily frustration”.

Julian continued, “Other global crowdfunding platforms seek the majority of their backers from US or European markets, leading to devices that are designed to solve problems focused on western habits and lifestyles. At Ambi Labs, our mission is to apply big data and machine learning techniques to solve problems faced by Asian households, so the Crowdtivate platform is perfectly tailored for us. Ambi Climate is the world’s first AC upgrade with predictive comfort. Using machine learning, it predicts your in-room climate and optimises the settings on your air conditioner — a device that is installed in over 80% of households in leading cities of Asia, and accounts for up to 50% of energy bills.”

Ambi Climate is now accepting pre-orders on Crowdtivate. To celebrate the launch of this new platform, Ambi Labs is announcing the Ambi Climate Team Challenge, and offering up to a 25% rebate to the winning team.

To avail of this promotion:

  1. Back the Ambi Climate campaign on Crowdtivate (http://www.ambiclimate.com/crowdtivate)
  2. Join a team by using the hashtags #[teamname] #ambified within 24 hours of backing our campaign.
  3. Fill out this form so your team name can be matched to your Crowdtivate account.

For precise mechanics on this, and other exciting promotions, please refer to http://bit.ly/AmbiTeamsDay1 or to our campaign page at: www.ambiclimate.com/crowdtivate