2015 China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) to Be Held in March

A boost to China’s home furniture industry

GUANGZHOU, China, February 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The China International Furniture Fair, Asia’s leading series of furniture sourcing events, has rolled out its exhibition calendar for 2015 with two events (collectively “CIFF”) scheduled: the China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) to take place in March and the China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) in September.

The 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) will be held as part of the China Import & Export Fair in Pazhou, Guangzhou between March 28 and April 1, signalizing the start of the 2015 CIFF series of events. Exhibitors and visitors can visit the official CIFF website (http://www.ciff-gz.com/en/ciffgz/index.html) for more information.

The fair will be a two-part event, the first part dedicated to home furniture and the second part focused solely on office furniture, furniture manufacturing equipment and raw materials. Diversity in exhibits and design covering every type of home and office furniture and decor is sure to make the 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) a signal event with its theme of “Furniture for Everyone.”

With an exhibition space spanning 340,000 square meters, the first part will be held between March 18 and 22. Exhibits will include home furniture, interior decor, housewares, home textiles as well as outdoor and leisure furniture, reflecting the extension from indoor furniture to outdoor leisure living as well as the evolution from a single furniture show to an integrated display of furniture, home decor and use of textiles to improve the look and feel of the home.

With an exhibition space covering 340,000 square meters, the second part will be take place between March 28 and April 1. Exhibits will include office and hotel furniture, furniture for use in public spaces, office accessories, steel furniture, office seating, furniture manufacturing equipment and raw materials, covering both the upstream and downstream elements of the sector.

The 400,000-square-meter China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) will take place at the National Convention & Exhibition Center (Shanghai) in September. Established suppliers of furniture, home decorations, manufacturing equipment and raw materials from both China and abroad will take part in the event.

With a total exhibition space of nearly 1.10 million square meters, CIFF 2015 is on track to book more than 4,500 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions worldwide. A number of leading domestic and foreign furniture makers and designers will be on hand at each event to display their internationally-acclaimed innovative products.

Guidelines for visitor admission:

Visitors can enter free of charge:

  1. Onsite application for admission by presenting a valid form of identification (China ID card or passport) and business card
  2. Visit http://www.ciff-gz.com/en/ciffgz/index.html for pre-registration

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RELLECIGA Echoes the New Style of Designing Idea of the World

MILAN, January 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — With the obligation of promoting the lifestyle and fashion, the first HOMI exhibition, which was named “Macef Show” before, is on from January 19 to 22 at the Fiera Milano Meeting Center, Rho.

HOMI, the top Italian International Exhibition in the world, is committed to furniture and home decorations. The exhibition was initiated in 1964, and began to have a Spring Show and Autumn Show separately in 1970. For more than 40 years, the exhibition has become one of the most famous international comprehensive furniture exhibition. With 1,500 companies and large new areas covering 80,000 square meters, the organizer elaborately created an atmosphere of juvenility, vitality, color and modernity. “The orientation of HOMI is aim to comply with fashion, which is changing at every moment. Furthermore, each city is a multicultural unit in the world, which leads to the difference of people’s perforation. Therefore, HOMI focused on these trendy tastes and choices, and expands to many other areas such as clothes and jewels”, said exhibition manager Cristian Preiata. It is worth mentioning that, this pavilion is also the designated place of the 2015 Milan Expo.

As one of the main exhibitors, RELLECIGA swimwear participants has the chance to witness the prosperity of HOMI. “This is our first time at the Milan Exhibition, we are so glad to meet all the excellent purchasers and designers from all over the world. HOMI is the most ultramodern exhibition we have been to, and there are more than 90,000 trade buyers here, including 14 percent of oversea buyers. They mainly come from France, Germany, Greece, Britain, and other trade countries. They cover all kinds of distribution channels, which promote the orders quickly,” the sale director of RELLECIGA said. One RELLECIGA bikini salesman said, “We have already had thousands of visitors in the first two days, nearly 100 of them talked with us deeply. To our surprise, there are some professional customers among them. We were so busy every day, and the most important, our product itself received thousands of eulogizes.”

HOMI brings Italian style to the world, while RELLECIGA echoes the new style of designing ideas of the world. They join hands in strength, with the dream of bringing more fashionable designers to the world.

Official Website: http://www.relleciga.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Relleciga
Instagram: http://instagram.com/rellecigaswimwear
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RELLECIGABIKINI
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RellecigaSwimwear

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RedStar Macalline Art Exhibition: When Business Encounters Art

BEIJING, December 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — The Chinese character for “home,” pronounced “jia,” has a meaning that encompasses more than simply the meaning of “home.” The character, as defined by the Chinese dictionary website dict.baidu.com, means “a group of family members living together” as well as “the place where they live.” These days, with all the changes that have taken place in China and around the world, the connotations that the character “jia” or “home” embraces have already moved well beyond this definition. Aside from the physical living space, the meaning of “home” has expanded to encompass several new concepts including as a showplace for one’s achievements and for displaying one’s tastes.

What, at the core, is “home” and how has the concept of “home” evolved among speakers of the Chinese language? Such a topic would seem to be the concern only of philosophers and artists, and nary to do with business. Nevertheless, at RedStar Macalline’s art exhibition themed “M Home: Being happy right where I am,” artists have put on display their interpretation of the evolution of the meaning of “home” both at the physical and spiritual level through their works. This exhibition which also serves in effect as furniture store in pursuit of aesthetics is also an interpretation on the definition of home.

This art show, a synthesis of the masterpieces of 12 artists, some Chinese and some from abroad and each a master in a different artistic discipline, among them Zhang Yonghe, Tobias Rehberger, Nott Vita, Yoshitomo Nara, Do Ho Suh and Kohei Nawa, reshapes the concept of “home” for the show’s visitors through the multiple art forms and strives to explore the meaning of dwelling and existence.

RedStar Macalline initiated a contemporary campaign “Love Your Home Day” in 2010, which aimed at obtaining an insight into today’s mainstream family and into social issues through the platform while probing into the ways that the members of the modern family express their emotions and get along with each other. This was achieved through creative cultural expression, the composition of outstanding popular cultural works and the holding of influential cultural activities. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Love Your Home Day, we’d like to express the culture of love and admiration for one’s home through art.

This is an exhibition themed “home” and the various derivative cultural practices that are associated with the term. RedStar Macalline, in concert with Ullens, the most professional and influential contemporary art institution in China, jointly designed and planned the event while the artists contributed their multi-dimensional forms of expression. As each country has their own interpretation of the meaning of home, we hope to bring audiences an interpretation of “home” from a global perspective, and, in order to do so, we invited twelve artists from six countries and regions and asked them to create works of art that provide a definition of what “home” means to them.

The exhibition reflects three layers of relationship between a person and his or her home: my home is home itself, home and I represent the unity of opposites between people and home, and the modern home is the relationship between home and this era. These three Ms are the initial perspective of “be happy right where I am” of M home.

Businesses used to simply be bystanders and their role was limited to that of sponsors of art, rarely getting directly involved in the planning of the art project itself. However, in this exhibition, brands clash directly with the works of art, thus creating a whole new concept. What audiences can observe are not only the spirit of the brands, but also the contemplation of the artists.

Business itself originates from the interpretation and insight into society, representing what is in fact contemporary, interacting with art productively. Such interaction is rigorous from an academic viewpoint, interesting in form and diverse in conception. While the whole of society is shifting from singularization to pluralism, the furnishing of one’s home is a form of self-expression. With this art show, RedStar Macalline poses an important question, namely, how should brands go about stimulating consumers so they can get to know their own aesthetic tastes?

Like the American companies that served the public in the last century, Chinese firms these days deal with hundreds of millions of consumers, a business platform as well as a media platform. Through their products, businesses convey their aesthetic form and cultural values, shouldering the obligation to develop culture and art across China.

With the maturing of the Chinese economy, the material life as well as the spiritual pursuits of the individual are undergoing a revolution, prompting a whole new array of diversified demands for consumer products. Home is no longer simply a physical resting place. To integrate more artistic elements into the home in terms of “comfort” is what RedStar Macalline is striving to offer us.

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15th International Furniture Fair Chengdu Closing Ceremony

CHENGDU, China, July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — 15th International Furniture Fair Chengdu, known as ‘one exhibition for two periods’ for the first time, successfully wrapped up in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center on 15th Jul. During the 8 day exhibition, the number of professional attendees and consumers numbered more than 260,000. As the deepening impact of international financial risk has not been eliminated, China’s domestic market, with its huge development potential, has become the focus of many enterprises.

In accordance with the introduction of Jiang Dan, the general manager of Chengdu New East Exhibition Co., Ltd – permanent organization of the committee, 15th International Furniture Fair Chengdu was divided into two periods. The furniture exhibition (1st period) was held from 3-6 Jul, and the exhibition of production equipment and raw materials (2nd period) was held from 12-15 Jul. The total exhibition space of both periods exceeded 170,000 square metres, with more than 10,000 booths. More than 1,100 enterprises participated in the exhibition. Total trade value reached RMB 13 billion.

Chengdu Furniture Exhibition is known as the “Preferred Platform in Internal Trade of Furniture in China’s Furniture Industry”. In the 2nd period of the exhibition, Germany HOMAQ, Power, Altendorf, Italian SCM, Korean KUKDONG and other top 10 global furniture equipment manufacturers exhibited at Chengdu Furniture Exhibition. Guan Jianhua, the general manager of Asian district of HOMAQ, said Chengdu is a strategic market which cannot be abandoned. Meanwhile, Chengdu has become one of the biggest furniture production places in China, which should be seized firmly. American Hardwood Export Council participated in the exhibition for the second time, and guided more than 10 enterprises to join in the exhibition, helping to garner a larger share of China’s domestic trade market.

Due to the prominent effect of the exhibition, more than 90% of the exhibition enterprises contacted the committee after the exhibition ended. Chengdu Furniture Exhibition will continue to adjust the district structure of the exhibition enterprises even further next year, and help increase the number of famous national furniture brands and enterprises participating in the exhibition. It will also work to improve the participation of international furniture brands and implement its ‘Chinese platform shared by the world’ exhibition plan.

Second Edition of Indonesia International Furniture Expo, IFEX 2015, Officially Announced

HONG KONG, July 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — At a press conference and ceremony held at the Ministry of Trade in Jakarta on 15 July, the launch of the second edition of the Indonesia International Furniture Expo was officially announced. The annual IFEX furniture tradeshow is organised by the Indonesia Furniture and Craft Association (AMKRI) and PT Dyandra UBM International and will be held from 12-15 March 2015 at the Jakarta International Expo exhibition center.

Second edition of Indonesia International Furniture Expo, IFEX 2015, officially announced
Second edition of Indonesia International Furniture Expo, IFEX 2015, officially announced


Speaking at the launch event, Mrs. Nus Nuzulia Ishak, Director General for National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade, said: “I sincerely hope that IFEX 2015 will spur further growth of the Indonesian furniture and craft industries and will inspire innovation and creativity of domestic artisans.”

Mr. Soenoto, Chairman of AMKRI remarked: “Indonesia’s furniture exports last year totaled US$1.7 billion, making us the 18th biggest furniture exporter in the world. I am certain that this exhibition will play a significant role in helping Indonesia achieve its target of US$5 billion in exports of furniture and craft products within the next four years.”

The first edition of IFEX, held in March this year, had over 400 exhibiting companies from 13 countries and attracted 6,113 buyers, of which one-third were from overseas. More than 80% of the available exhibit space for the 2015 show has already been reserved, reflecting the strong success of the first show. The organisers are increasing the exhibition space to accommodate the strong demand from exhibiting companies. In addition, the organisers announced that there will be a “Hall of Excellence” that will showcase the highest grade of furniture and furnishings produced in Indonesia.

Mr. Ernst Remboen, President Director of PT Dyandra UBM International said: “Right from the start, IFEX has established itself as one of the most important furniture exhibitions in Asia. Indonesia has abundant supplies of raw materials for furniture making, such as woods and rattan, a large and skilled labour force, and a rich tradition of craftsmanship and design. It is well positioned to supply the world market with high-quality furniture items to suite all tastes and budgets.” Reflecting these comments, the organisers have chosen “Merging local traditions with modern touch” as the slogan for IFEX 2015.

Facts and Figures about IFEX 2014

Organised by:

PT Dyandra UBM International and Indonesia Furniture and Handicraft Association (AMKRI)


11-14 March 2014


Jakarta International Expo

Exhibition size:

30,000 sqm (gross), 17,000 sqm (net exhibit space)

Number of exhibitors:

400 companies

Number of visitors:

6,113 (2,021 overseas from 108 countries; 4,092 domestic)

For press enquiries, please contact:

Jennifer Law, Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications
UBM Asia
Tel: +852-2516-1691
Fax: +852-3749-7342
Email: Jennifer.Law@ubm.com

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