Lei Jia Brings Her Quintessentially Chinese Voice to North American Audiences

Successful performances in Toronto and New York

BEIJING, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As China gains in international stature, the country’s most important annual holiday, the Spring Festival (or Lunar New Year), is becoming an increasingly celebrated event in the West, where inviting the China‘ best performers to put on a show during the holiday is becoming something to be expected and to look forward to, not only by the local Chinese community and Chinese students at US and Canadian universities, but also by the mainstream society. During this year’s Spring Festival, several famous Chinese performers, including Lei Jia, Yo-Yo Ma and Lang Lang, have brought the music and sounds of their homeland to expectant audiences in Toronto and New York, where they received a strong response and heartfelt welcome from the mainstream audiences.

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On February 21 (the third day of the lunar year), snow and bitter cold could not deter the audience from attending the sold out Chinese New Year concert put on by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. With a special invitation from the orchestra, vocalist Lei Jia and pianist Lang Lang delivered an outstanding performance, igniting the audience’s enthusiasm again and again.

On February 24 (the sixth day of the lunar year), the New York Philharmonic celebrated the Chinese New Year for the fourth consecutive year with a gala concert at Lincoln Center. The amazing lineup of talent included Lei Jia and Chinese-American cellist Yo-Yo Ma. This year’s audience was noteworthy for the high number of non-Chinese in attendance, including James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank and many top Wall Street professionals. It was difficult to get a ticket to the concert in the 2,600-seat hall.

On the North American stage, Lei Jia impressed the audience with two traditional Chinese folk songs: The Village of Sanshilipu and In Praise of Cattle. Her performance received such a warm response, that she found herself having to repeatedly answer the curtain calls. The mostly non-Chinese audience was amazed by the rich timbre and versatility of her voice as it traversed several octaves. Some Chinese audience members cried when the young singer commenced the first verse of The Village of Sanshilipu.

Why Lei Jia?

How is it that the two world famous orchestras, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic, both happened to invite Lei Jia at the same time? It was unexpected but a logical choice for both. Lei saw her fame rise precipitously in recent years. The young singer won the favor of audiences both in China and abroad with her outstanding performances. With her training within the Chinese traditional vocal music system, her singing embodies the most authentic of traditional Chinese vocal expression. She has long been an advocate of the new guofeng style of music, a style viewed as an expression of the essence of China, and has interpreted this style via a wide range of artistic forms and modern contexts. After listening to her album, Dandelion Sky, Joshua Cheek, Chairman of the Grammy Awards jury, praised her as “The Most Chinese of Voices.” As a representative of young singers from the national vocal music community, she is highly popular not only with China’s military brass and but also with the rank and file, often delivering breathtaking performance to large assemblages of the country’s troops. These highly popular performances have left her little time for performances abroad in recent years, however she was featured on the album The Songs of the 56 Chinese Nationalities, a musical collection that was chosen as a national gift sent to the heads of state of every country with which China maintains diplomatic relations. The songs of the album can be heard in the listening rooms of public libraries the world over. These many accomplishments led to the two orchestras not hesitating in their decision to invite the popular singer.

Why she chose to perform Shaanxi folk songs?        

When talking about why she chose to perform The Village of Sanshilipu and In Praise of Cattle in North America, Lei said it was much the same reason why she opted to sing the Homesick at this year’s Spring Festival Gala Evening: both The Village of Sanshilipu and In Praise of Cattle are Shaanxi folk songs, songs that in their simplicity are highly representative of Chinese music, and, more importantly, songs that most members of the Chinese diaspora, no matter where they may have originated from in China, are usually quite familiar with and, in many cases, can even sing. She expressed the hope that the two songs will remind them of “a bowl of water, a glass of wine, a cloud, a lifetime love” – nostalgic themes meant to remind the listener of their hometown and enable them to experience the warmth of home and the concern that their kinfolk “back home” feel for them.  

Oregon Reproductive Medicine Solidifies Its Position in China with Direct Team Support from Approved Partner – Travel Healthcare Limited

– Continuing To Help Chinese Families On Their Journey To Parenthood

SHANGHAI, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM) continues to help build families across the globe by officially partnering with Travel Healthcare Limited (THL). Mr. Ellon Xu, Executive Director of THL and his team will directly represent the U.S. based fertility clinic in Shanghai, supporting all of China – bringing proven success and dedication directly to the intended families in China.

“It’s exciting that we now we have the ability to continuously connect with individuals and couples who want to start or extend their family, directly and within the region,” says Dr. John Hesla. “It’s a way to listen to the needs of the community and provide the best care possible to future patients from China.”

“We are thrilled to start working with ORM and bring the best that medical science has to offer to China,” says Mr. Xu. “This allows us to combine expert knowledge, experience, compassion and individualized services to create a smooth avenue for Chinese families on their journey to parenthood.”

To celebrate this important milestone, ORM and THL will co-sponsor an information seminar for intended parents in early October in Shanghai. Registration is now open through THL’s hotline: +86-400-038-3577.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine is a globally recognized fertility clinic specializing in in vitro fertilization in Portland, Oregon. Recognized locally for outstanding personalized care, the practice is known worldwide for extraordinary live birth success rates – amongst the highest in the United States.

Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Contact: Liz Sullivan

Phone: +1-503-243-4158

Email: liz.s@portlandivf.net

Travel Healthcare Limited

Contact: Ellon Xu

Phone: +86-21-6403-5658

Email: ellon@travelhealthcarechina.com

EMMY Nomination for Alexis Nelson of HOAX Films

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Alexis Nelson, Owner and Executive Producer of HOAX Films, a Los Angeles, California and Savannah, Georgia digital production studio, is nominated for an EMMY for Outstanding Graphic Design & Art Direction for “Ultimate Guide to the Presidents”, produced by (Executive Producers) Karga Seven Pictures for The History Channel. The Gala will be held September 30, 2014 at New York City’s Lincoln Center.

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“Ultimate Guide to the Presidents” is an eight-hour miniseries that follows the 43 men who have served as President of the United States, using extensive historical documentation including archival footage and photographs. With creative imagery and animation, the show illustrates the responsibilities, events, challenges, and feats of these America’s leaders. The graphics were created under the direction of Production Company Karga 7, and Producer Fikret Manoglu.

“This is a huge honor,” says Nelson. “We wanted to try a new take on bringing history to life that makes it more understandable and visually appealing. A combination of 2D and 3D processes allowed us to pull historical documents and imagery apart, then animate them, creating narrative stories while keeping the integrity of the sources.

I’m thrilled that the distinctive style and graphics are being recognized. This is a great start for HOAX’s current expansion of integrating development and production into our current post production pipeline.”

Although this would be their first EMMY, their film production, CG and VFX efforts on the futuristic website, MEBO Campus (www.regeneration2014.com) have lead to a plethora of recognition, including six Davey Awards, six W3 Awards, four Communicator Awards, two IAC Awards and an Interactive Media Award.

MEBO Campus was developed under Kevin Xu’s direction, the entrepreneurial CEO of MEBO International, a company exclusively focused on managing the intellectual properties of organ regeneration science related to its founder, Dr. Rongxiang Xu. The aim of the website is to educate the Western world about the wonders of organ regeneration science through experience.

HOAX Films is a digital production studio known for it’s work on campaigns for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter 7, feature films like Fast 5, Zombeavers, Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior, and music videos for Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Little Dragon, and Absolut Vodka. HOAX is partnered with Fort Argyle Films and is in development on TV series Double Wide Blues and feature film A Savannah Haunting.