“Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2015” – Walk Along the “Beyond The Space” Public Art Trail at Harbour City

An Appreciation of the Best Contemporary Artworks at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hoteland Walk Along the “Beyond The Space” Public Art Trail at Harbour City

HONG KONG, March 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As the largest and most diverse shopping mall in Hong Kong, Harbour City has always embraced a mantra of “Bring Art into Life” by exhibiting eclectic artwork and styles from around the world for the public to see. Harbour City continues onwards from last year’s success to collaborate with Asia Hotel Art Fair Committee and Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel and jointly organize the 6th AHAF Hong Kong 2015. The showcase will feature over 5,000 pieces of the best contemporary Asian artworks from more than 70 regional galleries.

Various mega art installations from around the world will be displayed in “Beyond the Space” Public Art Exhibition at Harbour City

Various mega art installations from around the world will be displayed in “Beyond the Space” Public Art Exhibition at Harbour City


The 6th AHAF Hong Kong 2015 will feature over 5,000 pieces of contemporary Asian artworks from more than 70 regional galleries.

The 6th AHAF Hong Kong 2015 will feature over 5,000 pieces of contemporary Asian artworks from more than 70 regional galleries.


Art-themed window display and menu of Lane Crawford and French fine dining restaurant EPURE

Art-themed window display and menu of Lane Crawford and French fine dining restaurant EPURE


More photos of AHAF 2015 can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hssc6n8jud07iqf/AAB9v4DqNPdeR-f8l80mtpgLa?dl=0

AHAF Hong Kong 2015 will again expand the scale and extend the fair within Harbour City’s shopping mall and public space by hosting the Beyond the Space” Art Exhibition at different locations throughout Harbour City. Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda who gained a reputation for his surreal 3-dimensional artworks — will exhibit his largest art piece ever, The King’s Vacation, at the Ocean Terminal Forecourt of Harbour City. Meanwhile, Harbour City’s “Gallery by the Harbour” will exhibit the hand-drawn drafts and photos of “wrapping” public buildings, bridges and even coastlines created by internationally-acclaimed “Land Art” artists Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude. Atrium I and II of Gateway Arcade will also exhibit contemporary sculptures from Korean artists, BYUN Kyung-soo and KIM Byung-jin.

Moreover, Harbour City invites children to participate in the “Exchange Smile!” charity campaign and submit their smiling face paintings from now till 22nd March, 2015. Harbour City will donate a new box of coloured pencils to “The Salvation Army” for each work collected. All coloured pencils will be given to children in need. Collected works may also be displayed at “Little Art Castle” at Ocean Terminal of Harbour City in March. 

Harbour City also partners with several fashion brands including 3.1 Phillip Lim, ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG, ATSURO TAYAMA, Furla, Lane Crawford, PENNYBLACK & Paul Smith to organize the Fashion Hearts Art campaign. Boutiques will feature artistic in-store arrangements in the format of window displays, pop-up exhibitions and installations. During the weekend of 14-15 Mar, special offers will be also available to delight shoppers in designated stores. On the other hand, EPURE, a French fine dining restaurant in Harbour City has created a special art menu on 11 – 29 March. Let’s enjoy the delicious food and taste the art!





AHAF “Beyond the Space” Public Art Exhibition

Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Gallery by the Harbour, Atrium I & II of Gateway Arcade @ Harbour City

11 Mar to 29 Mar 2015


Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

7th to 8th Floor, Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel

14 Mar to 16 Mar 2015


“Little Art Castle”

Atrium & Corridor, Ground Floor, Ocean Terminal @ Harbour City

From now till 29 Mar 2015


“Fashion Hearts Art” Campaign

Designated boutiques in Harbour City

13 Mar to 29 Mar 2015


“Taste the ART” Menu

EPURE (Shop 403, Level 4, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)Tel: 3185 8338

11 Mar to 29 Mar 2015


(5 Courses)

“Beyond the Space” Public Art Exhibition at Harbour City

AHAF Hong Kong 2015 will further extend the popular exhibition and launch the “Beyond the Space” Public Art Exhibition at Harbour City. To bring art closer to the public, mega art installations, sculpture works, paintings and photographs by artists from around the world will be displayed at different locations around the mall.

a) The King’s Vacation by Yuki Matsueda @ Ocean Terminal Forecourt

After graduating with a PhD in Design from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda has gained a global reputation for his 3D artworks and “escaping” graphics. The artist has been known for capturing the incredible moments when ordinary objects escape from their graphics which result in some lively 3D works.
Matsueda made sure to go big for his first ever outdoor exhibition as he created his largest art piece ever, The King’s Vacation. The art piece comprises of four giant light box sculptures in the shape of playing cards (2m x 1.45m x 0.6m, H x L x W). The works are made using acrylic to freeze the kings as they leap from the center of the card. Trapped in the card, the kings try desperately to escape from the frame. Eight chairs in the shapes of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds will be placed around the card to let the public engage in this interesting and fun body of work. 

b) Memory Scape by Christo and Jeanne-Claude @ Gallery by the Harbour

The Memory Scape art exhibition at “Gallery by the Harbour” will showcase the legendary works of internationally-acclaimed “Land Art” artists Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude. The duo are widely known for their life-long commitment to public art. Their most famous and unique “Land Art” creations feature wrapped public buildings, bridges and even coastlines to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude began their collaborative art careers in Paris in the late 1950s and spent many years creating highly celebrated works of art across the globe, including Running Fence (California, 1976), Surrounded Islands (Florida, 1983), The Umbrellas (Japan, 1984 – 1991) and Wrapped Reichstag (Berlin, 1971 – 1994). Gallery by the Harbour will showcase the legendary works of Christo and Jeanne-Claude including precious hand-drawn drafts and photos, bringing you into the memory scape of the couple’s artistic life.

c) Lovely by Kim Byung-jin @ Atrium II, Gateway Arcade

Korean artist Kim Byung-jin graduated from Suwon University with a Master’s degree in Sculpture. Combining familiar worlds, his unique sculptures are a reflection of the effect of language as a cultural phenomenon in society. The word “love,” for example, which features in this set of exhibits, is the artist’s way of displaying the concept of love as it becomes a cultural and commercial trend. His colourful work for this exhibition, titled Lovely, is composed of a pair of black (H 2.5m) and white ducks (H 1.55m) as well as a red apple (H 1.4m).

d) The Bitter Sweet Life by Byun Kyung-soo @ Atrium I, Gateway Arcade

Korean artist BYUN Kyung-soo obtained a Master’s degree in sculpture from the Slade School of Art in London and the Seoul National University respectively. With the notion that people have been alienated thanks in part to communication through the internet, he created the series, The Bitter Sweet Life. Several sculptures were made of fiberglass, in similar looks but different colours. The artist wishes to express that although the distance between people may often seem very far, we can bring each other closer through communication. As his sculptures are hard to distinguish without any facial expressions, you may still recognize them by their unique gestures if taking a closer look and understanding the concept from a more profound perspective. 

Little Art Castle @ Harbour City

A little art castle and color pencil trains will be displayed at G/F, Ocean Terminal of Harbour City. Shoppers can also be the Little King & Queen taking photos with the cute soldiers. Artworks collected from “Exchange Smile” charity program will also be displayed on the castle walls and trains. Within a specified period on weekends, public can take the opportunity to exchange art through draw creatively from your imagination on cardboard and display it on the castle wall!  

Harbour City Enquiry Hotline: (852) 2118 8666 

Website: www.harbourcity.com.hk
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C-Festival, the Global MICE Festival, to be Held in Samseong-dong, Seoul, Korea, in May 2015

— Korea World Trade Center in Samseong-dong will be developed into the MICE business hub of Asia

— New MICE business platform will activate the service sector of Korea

— 70 million visit this center for culture and arts annually including 3 million foreign visitors

SEOUL, South Korea, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The C-Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman: Chairman Kim In-Ho of KITA)[1] is hosting the 2015 C-Festival (http://c-festival.com/), the performing festival converging culture, arts and technology at the Korea World Trade Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul for 11 days from April 30 to May 10, 2015.

C-Festival Organizing Committee hosts 2015 C-Festival at Korea World Trade Center for 11 days from April 30 to May 10, 2015.

C-Festival Organizing Committee hosts 2015 C-Festival at Korea World Trade Center for 11 days from April 30 to May 10, 2015.

The goal of C-Festival is to foster the MICE Cluster established by the 13 companies of the Korea World Trade Center in Samseong-dong into the MICE[2] business hub of Korea and Asia. It aims to be “the world’s only global MICE business convergence festival.”

The festival will be hosted at the Korea World Trade Center including COEX from April 30 to May 10, 2015. C-Festival will feature diverse content including exhibitions and conferences highlighting new concept converging culture, arts and technology. The cultural exchange exhibition will be based on content from Korea, China, Japan and Russia. Concurrent events include a culture & technology exhibition, art collaboration exhibition, large-scaled international medical conference, AFECA, MICE forum, performances leading the Korean wave and events including K-pop performances and media arts.

In addition, EXO, the K-pop idol group representing SM Entertainment, which is participating in the Korea World Trade Center MICE Cluster, was selected as an ambassador of C-Festival to promote the festival and Korean pop culture globally.

MICE Cluster (The C-Festival Organizing Committee) plans to host the festival on an annual basis, starting with the 2015 C-Festival. This will fortify the position of the Korea World Trade Center as the MICE business leader of Asia, while attracting buyers and tourists with differentiated content converging culture, arts and technology. Korea World Trade Center and its neighborhood will promote the C-Festival as the Edinburgh Festival of Korea focusing on MICE, and improving national brand awareness by activating the domestic economy and the service sector.

The Chairman of MICE Cluster, Byun Bo-Kyung (CEO of COEX), said, “We will successfully host C-Festival in May 2015 and increase the number of foreign buyers visiting the Korea World Trade Center from 1.31 million to 3 million by 2017. We expect the Korea World Trade Center and its neighborhood in Samseong-dong will emerge as a must-visit tourist and cultural spot among foreign tourists. C-Festival will become the Edinburgh Festival of Korea.”

The MICE industry is a new growth engine gaining global attention, as it converges tourism, trade, culture and hospitality. Seoul City designated the Korea World Trade Center as the “Gangnam MICE Special Tourism Zone” to activate the tourism and MICE industries of Seoul on December 18, 2014. COEX and Seoul City also cooperate to foster MICE business, which is the next-generation strategic business of Seoul, as well as the tourism industry.


Consisting of CEOs of private and public companies of Korea World Trade Center (KITA, COEX, COEX Mall, CALT, GKL, Megabox, Seoul Ocean Aquarium, Ourhome, SM Entertainment, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Han Moo Shopping, Han Moo Convention and Lotte Duty Free)


MICE stands for meetings, incentives, convention and exhibitions, and refers to the industry including international conferences, exhibitions and tourism.

Photo – http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20150309/8521501460

VIDEO: #ProjectSnow – Banff National Park’s Winter Canvas

– Stunning time-lapse captures world-renowned Snow Artist Simon Beck’s artistic snowshoe tracks within Canada’s first National Park

BANFF, Alberta, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — #ProjectSnow, a spectacularly beautiful, poignant video montage of ‘Snow Art’ in motion releases today. Presented by The Upthink Lab, the 2:22 narrative intimately captures the creative journey of internationally-acclaimed snow artist Simon Beck during his first artistic exploration of North America. #ProjectSnow tells the visual story of Beck’s magnificent imprints on the pristine, mountainous landscape of Banff National Park – his latest winter canvas.

Simon Beck's #ProjectSnow art series in Banff National Park included a beautiful snowflake which he composed on the majestic Peyto Lake. Beck then continued to create a howling wolf at Lake Louise Ski Resort as well as a detailed maple leaf drawing at Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort.

Simon Beck’s #ProjectSnow art series in Banff National Park included a beautiful snowflake which he composed on the majestic Peyto Lake. Beck then continued to create a howling wolf at Lake Louise Ski Resort as well as a detailed maple leaf drawing at Sunshine Village Ski & Snowboard Resort.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150310/180650

Through fascinating, high-definition footage shot over many, many hours – amongst bright daylight and under starlight skies and astounding Northern Lights colour – #ProjectSnow illustrates the intense intricacy of Beck’s unique work within an innovative time-lapse format. The montage also features impressive ‘light drawing’ effects, highlighting Beck’s Snow Art masterpiece through LED lighting gently retracing the artist’s steps.

Simon Beck creates perfect, detailed geometrical designs using nothing more than a traditional compass, a map drawing and a pair of trusted snowshoes to make carefully-planned tracks in the snow. In February 2015, Beck used his distinctive artistic talents and passion for orienteering to design a series of snow art drawings especially for Banff National Park.

Beck’s #ProjectSnow art series included one huge-scale creation of a beautiful snowflake – his largest-sized drawing to date – which he composed on the majestic Peyto Lake, surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks. Taking over six hours to stomp out in the snow, the design was 450 metres in size, from tip to tip. Beck then continued to take his awe of witnessing the Canadian Rockies for the very first time as inspiration to create drawings for two of Banff National Park’s downhill ski areas. A howling wolf, playing tribute to the National Park and its wild inhabitants, was created at Lake Louise Ski Resort as well as a detailed maple leaf drawing at Sunshine Village – perfectly symbolizing Beck’s first visit to Canada.

“This is how God intended mountains to be.” – Simon Beck, February 2015, Banff National Park

Media Information:

For further information on #ProjectSnow, see: BanffLakeLouise.com/ProjectSnow

To view the time-lapse video content and for the embed link, see: http://youtu.be/u5ykaVnq5gg

For media contacts and for all assistance with images and assets relating to #ProjectSnow, please visit: BanffLakeLouise.com/Media-Relations.

Follow #ProjectSnow & #MyBanff

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MIDEM 2015 – Chinese Live Concert to be Held in Cannes this June

– Three Indie Bands to be Selected

BEIJING, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association (CADPA) made a preliminary announcement that its 2015’MIDEM (Marche International du Disque et de l’Edition Musical) working team will hold a special concert on the evening of June 6 in Cannes, inviting three indie bands representing China to join the performance and interact with international experts and media, to promote the communication and fusion of musical cultures at home and abroad.

It is informed that the three bands are Carsick Cars, a promising young indie rock-and-roll band; Wang Xiaotian, an urban folk song rookie, and his band; and a modern jazz band formed by Guo Gan, a famous Erhu performer, work with three French jazz musicians, forming a mordern jazz quartet with four musical instruments including erhu, piano, bass and drums.

This concert, known as “China Night By 1MORE.Cannes 2015,” is exclusively sponsored by 1MORE, which is a brand of small headphones with the highest market share in China in recent years, and the designer of the headphones for XIAOMI, a famous Chinese mobile phone brand being one of the strongest rivals to iPhone in Chinese market. Moving towards the international market, 1MORE wishes to take this opportunity to assist Chinese indie musicians in going overseas.

In addition, we will introduce the Chinese Music Industry Report 2014 will be released to the overseas by the Chinese Audio and Video delegation to MIDEM 2015, with updates of Chinese music industry and music development policies. Wang JingJing, Deputy Secretary-General of CADPA told the media.

Authorized by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China, CADPA has organized and sent Chinese delegations to MIDEM seven times in succession.

More inferences about the three Bands

The links of three bands (Pin-number: h766): http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gdeUBcB   
Carsick Cars’s personal website:
Wang Xiaotian’s weibo: http://weibo.com/rockerstian
Guo Gan’s personal website:

The 2015 K11 Art Fest Presents Dual Artist Exhibition “Cinematheque”

Chen Wei: In the Waves

Cheng Ran: Music is On, Band is Gone

SHANGHAI, March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As the first project of the chi K11 Art Museum to be launched in 2015, the K11 ART FOUNDATION has collaborated with LEO XU PROJECTS in the joint presentation of two individual exhibitions, “In the Waves,” by Chen Wei, and “Music is On, Band is Gone.” by Cheng Ran. This dual exhibition, entitled “Cinematheque,” also heralds the opening of K11 Art Mall’s Spring 2015 Art Festival.

Chen Wei and Cheng Ran are two highly representative figures among emerging young Chinese artists. Both have frequently been invited to showcase their work at art museums and biennales around the world. In this duo show, the latest complete creative projects of the two young artists will be jointly presented, providing viewers with the exceptional opportunity to understand how the new Chinese creative generation is interpreting, revolutionizing and experimenting with visual imagery, space and performance arts using their unique artistic language. Cheng Ran created a completely new collection entitled “The Stars in the Night Sky are Innumerable,” exclusively for this exhibition. He will be offering attending guests of the opening reception at 6:00pm, March 17, 2015, with an exciting performance inspired by the musical, spatial, and theatrical arts.

The exhibition is scheduled to be held from March 16 to May 31 of 2015. Throughout the exhibition period, K11 will also be holding a series of interactive events, including talks from renowned artists and debate sessions.

Chen Wei: In the Waves

Chen Wei was born in 1980 in Zhejiang Province; he now lives and works in Beijing. His creative projects are known for their manipulation of cinematic language and for their intricately crafted settings. These conceptualized installations mitigate the boundaries between everyday life and visual imagery, between landscape and dreamscape. In addition to this continuation of conceptualized installation photography, Chen Wei’s most recent creative projects also involve the simplification of graphic messages, dramatic content and narrative. His emphasis is now placed on representing the profound and minute observations of individual emotion and perception.

For this show, K11 has designed the exhibit to resemble the unique spatial sphere of a lounge bar or dance club, and will be based on two themes: the space itself and the people enclosed within it. The ways in which local youth achieve self-expression and spiritual liberation through popular culture will be portrayed in detail. To realize these visions, Chen Wei reimagined and recreated an idealized bar and dancing space, then photographed the entire setting. The large scale of the vibrantly colored photographs both capture incredible detail and provide keen observations of the cultural symbolic meaning of this unique architectural space. To account for the absence of human figures from these photographs of an architectural sphere, the artist created a collection of youthful figures and portrayed them as caught in between the flickering lights and shaded dance-floor, as if they were in the midst of a performance within the space. “This creative project was inspired by my desire to capture how the youth of today is abstracted out of their everyday lives. This indescribable spiritual condition does not only exist in the younger generation, momentarily entranced and entrapped by contemporary clubbing culture, but is also to be found in a wider range of contemporary cultural activities and modes of consumption. This is the feeling of ‘transcendence’ that arises out of the conflict between current social condition and the regeneration brought on by youth culture,” explained Chen Wei.

Popular (music) culture has since 1980, been one of the most intuitive sources of inspiration and cultural material for the youth of China in terms of cultural consumption and production. It is also one of the easiest ways for them to indirectly access the latest international cultural products. Chen Wei’s project inspired by club culture, bars, and music is not only a vivid disclosure of the younger generation’s internal perceptive world, but is moreover an act of profiling of past local popular culture and how it has profoundly influenced the youth community in ways previously unknown to the outside world. The enormous backlit photographs arranged meticulously throughout the darkened exhibition space is a collective portrait of the modern era and community. “Music and atmosphere draw these dancing figures into wandering journeys in search of their personal dreams. But in the end, club culture is assimilation. Differences fade away as one inevitably seeks identification and recognition.” This was how Chen Wei described his creative project “In the Waves” (2013) series in an interview conducted by The Guardian. The two projects that Chen Wei created exclusively for this exhibition take the rare form of large scale real-time installations. The K11 exhibition hall will be transformed into a dreamlike space resembling a bar and dance club that evokes truth and authenticity. The flashing lights and elusive shadows of the dance floor with be dramatically enhanced and enlarged to represent and mock what cliche’d high literature likes to denounce as the “Mecca” of popular youth culture.

For the past few years, Chen Wei’s exhibitions in art museums and biennales around the world include “Performance and Imagination: Chinese Photography 1911-2014” (Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, Norway 2014), “My Generation: Young Chinese Artists” (Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida, United States, 2014), “28 CHINESE” (Rubell Family Collection Contemporary ART FOUNDATION. Miami, Florida, United States, 2013), “Tight Rope” (Yokohama CreativeCity Center, Yokohama, Japan, 2011), “YiPai-Century Thinking: A Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2009), The 3rd Guangzhou Photo Biennial (Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2009), “Mediations-Poznan Biennale” (Poznan, Poland, 2008) and many others. In 2011, Chen Wei was awarded the first Asia-Pacific Photography Award. In 2014, he was nominated for the Prudential Eye Award, United Kingdom.

Cheng Ran: Music is On, Band is Gone

The title “Music is On, Band is Gone” encapsulates precisely what the artist has striven to represent since 2010, by using video images and installations inspired by music and performance. The exhibition will include 7 video imagery projects, 3 installations of greatly varying sizes, as well as the artist’s newly published novel, and newly released musical recording. In addition, the exhibit will also showcase a live installation and a live performance created exclusively for the K11 Art Museum exhibition space. The intertextual, complementary works will clearly delineate Cheng Ran’s latest adventures in experimenting with multiple forms of artistic language and media, from visual imagery, installation art, and performance. His methodologies challenge and overcome traditional conceptualizations on how recorded images should be visually represented, and how narratives should be told. This is his response to how the younger generation is now utilizing and finding new applications for the technology, media, and information dissemination that are readily available in contemporary times.

The title project, which was engendered five years ago, is centered around the theme of retro electronic music, and consists of a series of images that portray the deep, dark, and deserted streets of a nighttime metropolis. This foreshadowed the creative theme that was to take center stage in Cheng Ran’s works over a period of time, where music or musical instruments are always the focal points of recorded images. Real yet surreal images of fleeting moments in the rehearsal room were also recorded, for example in “Chewing Gum Paper,” countless wrappings bouncing around with the beating of the drum, like the bobbing heads of a crowd, or the innumerable stars twinkling in the night sky. That same year, “The Eclipse,” was a display of even more illusive imagery as the viewer’s vision shifted with the changing perspectives of the camera. As the eclipse faded away, drummers at the rehearsal site beat their drums with steadiness and assurance. As a creative worker who specializes in China’s recording art, and whose unique visual language stands out among the crowd, Cheng Ran has become one of the best candidates for handling individualized elements. “To Each Its Time” is a project that is realized through the penetrating gaze of the observer that is similar to still-life photography, with the homeless saxophone player in the Berlin subway as the central figure of the video recording.

Music did not only inspire Cheng Ran with video graphic narrative and plot; even its mediums–musical instruments and musicians–play important roles in his installations and live projects. For “Eagle and Deer,” the artist combined feather pens with antiquated musical instruments into a musical installation with classical design, sculptural aesthetics, and automated performance. The large scale installation, that was first revealed in Amsterdam, was built out of shattered piano frames in emulation of the broken iceberg remnants portrayed in “The Sea of Ice,” by Casper David Friedrich. This cold, silent piano sculpture is also a reinterpretation of Cheng Ran’s vast collection of Beethoven sonata recording covers. By breaking down the barriers between “painting-sculpture-sound,” Cheng Ran’s artistic representation allowed intangible musical sounds to become visualized tangible material.

This exhibition will show, for the first time in Shanghai, Cheng Ran’s 2014 video installation “Always I Trust,” that received great critical acclaim internationally. This project involves the transformation of erotically enticing, strangely worded spam mail into numerous video recordings performed by celebrity actress Carina Lau. Lau’s confession-like interpretation, a dancing figure passing through many different spatial spheres and domains, and a futuristic, fictional representation of the city of Shanghai, all fuse into “Mail,” a performative installation that is both a utopian film and a romantic play. “Always I Trust,” was first unveiled at the Shenzhen OCAT Contemporary Art Center in 2014, and was later displayed at Galerie Perrotin (Hong Kong) and Palais de Tokyo in Paris using different modes of representation.

Aside from the installations and videos created exclusively for this exhibition, the opening show for the exhibition’s reception night will include a live performance in collaboration with Beijing experimental sound group “Soviet Pop” entitled “THE XXX.” Cheng Ran will take the stage as band drummer for this performance, and explore the relations between individual experience and physical embodiment.

Cheng Ran was born 1981 in Mongolia, and graduated from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. So far in his career, Cheng Ran’s works have been widely exhibited in galleries and museums both domestically and abroad, including “Inside China” (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, 2014), “Lost: Time, Space, Tapestry” (Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2014), The 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennales, “We have never participated” (OCAT Contemporary Art Center, Shenzhen, China, 2014), “NOW YOU SEE, New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs” (Whitebox Art Center, New York, US, 2014), “ON|OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, CN, 2013), “Perspectives 180–Unfinished Country: New Video From China” (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, US, 2013), the Munich Kino der Kunst Film Festival (Munich, Germany, 2013), the 26th European Media Arts Festival (Osnabruck, Germany, 2013), “Video Art in China–MADATAC” (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, ES, 2012), “30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art–Moving Image in China” (Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2011) and many more. Cheng Ran received a nomination for the prestigious Absolut Art Award in 2013, and was nominated again the following year for the “OCAT–Pierre Huber Art Prize.” In 2011 he was awarded Best Video Artist by “Randian” magazine.

Date: 16 March — 31 May 2015
Venue: chi K11 art museum, B3, K11 Art Mall, No.300 Huaihai Road Central, Shanghai Organizer: K11 ART FOUNDATION
Special thanks to: LEO XU PROJECTS


Founded by Adrian Cheng in 2010, the K11 Art Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation that advances the development of the Chinese contemporary art movement by providing the creative incubating platform to nurture artistic talents in Greater China and bring them to the international stage and the broader audience. The foundation has embarked on creative collaborations and cross-regional experimentations regionally and globally to showcase Chinese talents and their full potential. Through research, initiatives and partnerships, as well as harnessing the passion and energy of the active participants, the K11 Art Foundation facilitates the public to enjoy a diverse array of programs and exhibitions to educate and raise the collective appreciation of arts and culture. The K11 Art Village (artist-in-residence program) in Wuhan offers the space and platform to many young artists to create and present their works.

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Xiamen International Marathon: Photo Entitled Stylish Running Wins Photography Contest Grand Prize

XIAMEN, China, March 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The 2015 Construction Bank Cup Photography Contest, an important ancillary contest to the Xiamen International Marathon, has always been the best way to relive the events in all their glory. The Xiamen International Marathon Organizing Committee has planned and organized a series of ancillary contests to encourage spectators to pay close attention to the experience of the runners and connect with them on a human level, among them the Marathon Photography Contest. Now in its 12th year, the contest has become one of the most important aspects of the event, providing a platform on which to showcase the graceful movements of the runners, the beautiful scenery of the city of Xiamen and the healthy competitive spirit of the race.

The evaluation of the entries for the photography contest was recently completed and the jury, consisting of several national and provincial photography experts and members of the Xiamen International Marathon Organizing Committee, spent seven hours deliberating through two elimination rounds. Among the thousands of entries, 150 photos were shortlisted during the first round of evaluations, then the selection was narrowed down to 46 “finalists” in the second round, and finally, as everyone expected, Stylish Running, a picture taken by Xiamen resident Su Gengxin, was awarded the grand prize.

More than 4,600 pictures were submitted by over 320 photographers, the content and style of which underwent substantial changes due to the new route of the marathon and several rule changes. Lina Li, jury member and China Portrait Photography Society (CPPS) senior vice chairman and secretary general said: “In contrast to photographs taken during previous events, which mostly were shots of the large gatherings of runners and spectators at the start of a race and during the final rush to the finish line, this year’s collection focused on the progress of the race itself, capturing many splendid moments and interesting details of the event. Photographers have integrated their own understanding and interpretation of the theme of the marathon into their snapshots, allowing anyone viewing the collection of high-quality photos to acquire a sense of the event from a diversity of perspectives.

Shi-Xiong Li, another influential jury member and executive member of the Society of Worldwide Ethnic Chinese Photographers Ltd as well as vice chairman of the Fujian Trade Association of Photography Professionals, said he was highly impressed with this year’s grand prize winner. He added, “The basic elements such as color, hue, composition, and emotional expression in Stylish Running are complete and perfect and the photo has accurately captured the carriage and movement of the runner as he moves along the race route. The picture took on a three-dimensional effect through clever backlight processing, while its bright color contrast and uniform color processing highlighted the dynamism of what was being captured. The overall picture gives an impression of sunlight, warmth and vitality.”

In a move to share the “Dare to Run” spirit of the Xiamen International Marathon, the photography contest, themed “Dare to Discover a Grass Roots Hero”, offered one grand prize, two first prizes, three second prizes, five third prizes, five Best Creative awards and five Best Themed awards, in addition to three Environmental and Public Welfare Prizes, three Beautiful Xiamen Prizes and three Most Heart-touching Prizes. The photography contest also included the “Searching for the Most Popular Xiamen Marathon Hero on the Internet Award”, an event where anyone can cast their vote on the website of the locally well-known interactive community — http://www.xmfish.com. The photography contest’s award ceremony is scheduled to be held this April and winners will receive awards certified by CPPS.

For more award-winning pictures, please visit http://bbs.xmfish.com/read-htm-tid-10797409.html.

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Chinese Artist Nan Haiyan Expresses His Artistic Vision Through Ink Painting

BEIJING, March 3, 2015 /PR Newswire/ — Jingang Tian, spokesman for artist Nan Haiyan gave a speech at the cinema club on the grounds of the Beijing Asian Games Village on March 2, 2015.

Mr. Tian said, “Nan Haiyan’s more than 20 years of artistic endeavors in Tibetan figure paintings has given him a complete set of painting techniques through which to express the characteristics of Tibetan figures through ink colors.”

Tibetans, one of China’s 56 nationalities, besides being the dominant group in the Tibet Autonomous Region, also have an important presence in the neighboring provinces. The beliefs and culture of the nationality are an indispensable part of human civilization.

With dozens of artistic creations providing a record of the lives of the Tibetan people through his ink painting art, artist Nan Haiyan’s work provides an important contribution to world’s knowledge and understanding of this ethnic group with a deep and rich cultural heritage.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150211/174869

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“Art Olympia 2015,” 1st International Open Art Competition for Young Artists, Deadline Postponed until March 31

SAITAMA, Japan, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Art Olympia is an open art competition held as a biennial event with the goal of discovering talented artists around the world and supporting their activities. It aims to promote exchanges of the world’s various cultures through arts.

Artworks of approximately 240 pieces selected from three places — 80 pieces each in Tokyo, New York and Paris — will undergo a final review in Tokyo by a panel of great judges invited from around the world.

Artworks in two-dimensional, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mineral pigments, print, charcoal, and collage can be accepted.

Total value of cash and extra prizes: Approx. US$500,000.

In general category, the prize money will be $120,000 for the first place, $30,000 for the second place, and $20,000 for the third place along with trophies and a lot of benefits. In student category, $20,000 for the first place, $10,000 for the second place, and $5,000 for the third place, along with trophies and a lot of benefits. As one of the benefits for students, they will be considered to entry in both general and students categories.

Special prizes will be awarded according to the scores, and there will be also Judge Awards.

Anyone who has passion for art and whose age is 18 or older is eligible to apply for the competition.

For more details, visit the websites at the bottom.

New York-Based Judges

Gregory Amenoff:

Artist, Professor of Columbia University/ New York

Brett Littman:

Executive Director of The Drawing Center / New York

Eric C Shiner:

Director of The Andy Warhol Museum / Pittsburgh

Nicolas Touron:

Artist, Professor of School of Visual Arts / New York

Kara Vander Weg:

Director of Gagosian Gallery / New York

Paris-Based Judges

Jean-Michel Alberola:

Artist, Professor of Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts / Paris

Cecile Debray Amar:

Curator at Centre Pompidou / Paris

Leiko Ikemura:

Artist, Professor of The Berlin University of the Arts /Berlin

Chu Teh-I:

Artist, Director of Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) / Taipei

Tokyo-Based Judges

Yuji Akimoto:

Director of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art/ Kanazawa

Hiroshi Minamishima:

Professor of Joshibi University of Art and Design /Tokyo

Ryohei Miyata:

President of Tokyo University of the Arts /Tokyo

Hiroshi Senju:

Artist /Tokyo

Akira Tatehata:

President of Kyoto City University of Arts Awards /Kyoto


1. Application period:

Until March 31, 2015

2. Final round in Tokyo:

June 10, 2015

3. Exhibition:

“Toshima Ecomusee Town,” New Toshima Ward Office Building on June 13-28, 2015

The First International Open Art Competition “Art Olympia 2015”

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Tottori Airport Reopens as Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport

TOTTORI, Japan, March 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Tottori airport reopened as Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport on March 1 and the Tottori prefectural government held a ceremony to mark its renewal opening. A commemorative chartered flight from Shanghai arrived at the airport and received warm welcome from Tottori Gov. Shinji Hirai and others.

The airport was named after the main character of widely-popular manga and anime series “Detective Conan-Case Closed” by Gosho Aoyama who hails from the prefecture.

“With the attendance of members of the media from around the world in this event, Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport started its history under global attention,” said Tottori Gov. Shinji Hirai in his address at the outset of the ceremony.

The prefecture home to a number of manga artists has been utilizing the power of manga as a tool of promotion under the Manga Kingdom Tottori initiative, hoping to increase people exchange and vitalize the region.

He also mentioned about promoting tourist attractions of Tottori, including Tottori Sand Dunes, inside and outside the country. The sand dunes are the most famous sand hills in Japan, known for the size of its heave and plants unique to the dunes.

In a video message played during the ceremony, manga artist Aoyama expressed his excitement about the renewal opening of the airport and said, “I hope many visitors from around the world will visit Tottori Prefecture through the airport and the prefecture will be energized.”

Aoyama also expressed his desire that participants of the ceremony will enjoy the decorations of the airport featuring Conan characters and trick art.

Twenty one spots in the airport facilities are decorated with drawings and objects featuring characters of the Detective Conan series.

The 18-meter long and 8-meter wide 3D trick art, depicting Conan riding on a camel at the Tottori Sand Dunes, on the ground level floor of an airport building was unveiled during the opening ceremony.

The governor spoke with the foreign press members at the airport prior to the ceremony, saying “Worldly-popular Conan became the symbol of this airport. I wish people from all over the world will visit here.”

Akemi Nakanishi or Yoshifumi Okayama
Manga Kingdom Secretariat
Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau
Tottori Prefectural Government
Tel: +81-857-26-7801
Email: mangaoukoku@pref.tottori.jp

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Definitive Media Industry Event, Festival of Media Asia Pacific, Returns to Singapore with Biggest Gathering of Brands

– Brands confirmed to attend include: Malaysia Airlines, GrabTaxi, PepsiCo, Huawei, Mondelez International and Diageo

– Spotlight on pressing issues in the region, including talent, advertising and media technology

– Winners of prestigious Festival of Media Awards 2015, celebrating the best work in Asia Pacific, to be announced

– Starcom MediaVest Group honours young talent with Rising Stars Award 2015

SINGAPORE, Feb. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Festival of Media Asia Pacific, the only regional event dedicated to the evolution of media, is taking place 22  24 March 2015 at the Capella Singapore, Sentosa where it will attract the biggest gathering of brands among more than 700 of the most innovative and forward-thinking media leaders across the region from 22 countries in Asia Pacific.

Brands confirmed to attend so far include: Audi, Axa, Diageo, Google, GrabTaxi, GSK, Heineken, Huawei, Johnson & Johnson, Malaysia Airlines, LinkedIn, Mondelez International, Nestle, PepsiCo, Unilever and Visa.

The Festival provides delegates a unique platform to learn, network, be inspired by one another and discuss issues most pertinent to the industry. It culminates with the prestigious Festival of Media Asia Pacific awards, celebrating the best of innovation and creativity in the industry. Entries to the awards have increased by 36 percent this year, and the winners of the hotly contested trophies will be announced during a glittering gala dinner on the 24 March 2015 at the close of the Festival. The evening will also witness the announcement of the Rising Star Award 2015, supported by Starcom MediaVest Group, honouring the region’s most promising young talent working at either at a media agency, advertiser or media owner.

Talent, one of the biggest issues on the top of every media leader’s mind, will take centre stage at the Festival. Topics such as talent development, staff retention and the big local vs. expatriate debate are on the agenda. The event will also feature special spotlight sessions on different markets across the region, giving a truly Pan-Asian perspective. This will include a session with Cheryl Goh, Global Vice President of Marketing at GrabTaxi, on creating and retaining brand loyalty amongst consumers in Malaysia while expanding outside the country. In addition, Dean Dacko, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing and Products at one of Asia’s most talked about brands, Malaysia Airlines, will join IPG’s Regional President, Prashant Kumar to discuss how the company dealt with the double disasters affecting the airline in 2014. Separate sessions will also cover the media landscape in India, Australia, Philippines, and China.

Other confirmed speakers at this year’s event include:

  • Hannelore Grams, Head of Digital Marketing & Social Media for Greater China, Nestle
  • Valerie Wagoner, Founder & CEO, Zipdial
  • Seok Hian Tang, Head of Talent Management, SEA, Starcom MediaVest Group
  • Joanna Flint, Country Director, Google Singapore
  • Olivier Legrand, Head of Marketing Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn

The annual Festival of Media Asia-Pacific is proudly supported by Founder Partners Bloomberg Media, SpotXchange, Rubicon Project®, Starcom MediaVest Group, UM, Initiative, Millward Brown, and Microsoft.

Charlie Crowe, Founder of Festival of Media and Chairman of C Squared said, “The Festival of Media Asia-Pacific 2015 agenda is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. We cannot deny the increasing significance of the Asia Pacific media industry to the global media landscape, and are committed to addressing the most pressing issues of the industry; talent, programmatic buying, and mobile topping our list this year. As media and technology continue to converge, there is a clear need to build capacity and capability, and this event will definitely take marketers a step closer in this direction.”

For more information on the 2015 agenda, the complete speakers list, delegate registrations and awards shortlist, visit the Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2015 website here.

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C Squared is one of the fastest-growing specialist publishing, events and technology companies in Europe. Its mission is to help the media and marketing industry become more connected and better informed so that it is fully equipped to respond to the challenges and opportunities brought about by digital technology and globalization. C Squared launched the Festival of Media in Venice in 2007 and the brand now has 4 major events across the world, attended by 4,000 senior delegates and receiving over 3,000 Awards entries. In 2009, C Squared acquired the leading brand M&M Global along with the M&M Global Awards and the popular media training course, IMM. The company also owns Cream which has now become the world’s largest database of media innovation and its bespoke technology serves many of the leading global agency groups and multinational advertisers. More information is available at: www.csquared.cc