Some 134 Prisoners to Be Granted Royal Pardon and Jail Term Reduction

A total of 134 prisoners, including 28 women, will be granted royal pardon and jail term reduction during the upcoming Khmer traditional New Year, said H.E. Kim Santepheap, Spokesperson at the Ministry of Justice.

The inmates have been selected by the national committee for the review and evaluation of the list of prisoners requesting the royal pardon, among the 460 nominated detainees, including 49 women, he said.

According to Mr. Soch Sophannara, Deputy Director General of the Justice Ministry's General Department of Prosecutor and Criminal Affairs, the Royal Government of Cambodia has been paying special attention to female prisoners, especially those leaving behind children with their mothers, and those who are pregnant, sick and aging.

The priority given to women, underlined Mr. Soch Sophannara, is a pure humanitarian will and by no means intends to encourage crimes by women.

There are currently 2,441 female prisoners in Cambodia, 44 of them are pregnant and 126 are inmates with kids.

It is a usual practice in Cambodia that the government allows the consideration of inmates with special condition and good performance to be granted royal pardon or jail term reduction during major traditional celebrations, like Khmer New Year, Visak Bochea, and Water Festival.

Inmates qualified for the royal pardon are those who have served at least two-thirds of jail term, while those qualified for jail term reduction are those who have already served at least one-third, and must behave well while serving in jail.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press