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Singer-actor IU donates 300 mln won to the vulnerable

Singer-actor IU donated 300 million won (US$226,159) to marginalized groups in medical and welfare services on Monday to commemorate the 15th anniversary of her debut, her agency said.

IU donated 100 million won each to Asan Medical Center, the Korea National Association of Child Welfare, and the Seoul Metropolitan Children's Hospital, according to Edam Entertainment.

The donation was made under the name of "IUaena," which combines IU's stage name and the name of her fanbase, Uaena.

The money will be used to treat children, adolescents and female cancer patients in financial difficulties, and to support medical expenses for the vulnerable and those at child welfare facilities, according to the agency.

"I want to share the love that I received from my fans with those around me, and I believe (this donation) will be the starting point of a small change for someone," she said through the agency.

IU is one of the most popular and successful entertainers in South Korea. She has released five studio albums and numerous EPs and singles, and has starred in several popular television dramas and films.

Source: Yonhap News Agency