Roadlink International Trading Limited Tests Autonomous Technology on Roads for the First Time

Chinese-based startup technology company ‘Roadlink International Trading Limited’ has conducted its first live test using the company’s ‘Autonomous Driving Technology’ on the streets of Shenzhen today. The company is looking to launch its commercial product in early 2023 throughout China and Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Roadlink International Trading Limited tested its autonomous technology on public roads in Shenzhen for the first time today. The test held major significance, marking the first time Roadlink technology had been used in a car on public roads rather than on a purpose-built test track. The car featured six Lidar sensors, 12 radars, and 16 cameras feeding data into the ground-breaking technology, also regarded as the vehicle’s brain.

The autonomous vehicle featured a safety driver, and it was explained that he would keep his hands near the car’s steering wheel and be ready to intervene when required. The vehicle, on the other hand, was entirely comfortable following its pre-programmed route.

Variables presenting the most significant challenge were things like the unexpected movement of people. The safety driver was accompanied in the back seat of the autonomous vehicle by Roadlink’s CEO, Junjie Cai, who explained, “Spotting a pedestrian on the side of the road is easy for an individual, but it is not always easy to anticipate whether or not they are not going to move.”

Although Roadlink claims its technology can detect objects from a distance of 1,400 feet, interpreting the intentions of humans, Yang Qin, Chief Technology Officer at Roadlink International Trading Limited admits, is “one of the toughest challenges.”

The Roadlink technology includes computer vision, sensor fusion, and control capabilities. The technology will incorporate ‘Level 5’ autonomous vehicle intelligence to meet vehicle manufacturer needs at a reduced cost.

Although presented as a vision of the future, it is evident that Roadlink is not too far from completion. “We aim to launch Roadlink in early 2023, and China will be the first country we go live,” said Franklin Zhang, Director of Investor Relations at Roadlink International Trading Limited. Previous testing of Roadlink autonomous technology took place at the company’s development center, where a closed track that simulates a variety of different driving conditions has been created.

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