Road Accidents Claimed 942 Lives In Cambodia In First Half Of 2022

The number of road fatalities in Cambodia declined to 942 people in the first half of 2022, a decrease of 9 percent from 1,033 over the same period last year, Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s secretary of state, Min Manavy said, here today.

“Among the dead, 759, or 80.5 percent, were motorcyclists, and 558 of them did not wear helmet,” she said, during the biannual meeting of the National Road Safety Committee.

Besides the death toll, the accidents injured 2,235 others, during the Jan-Jun period this year, down 31 percent from 3,227 over the same period last year, she added.

Manavy, who also serves as secretary-general of the National Road Safety Committee, said, 1,609 cases of road accidents were recorded, down 26 percent from 2,171 cases.–

Source: NAM News Network