Review of Draft Law on Trade Remedies Completed by NA’s Special Commission

The Public Works, Transport, Posts, Telecommunications, Industry, Mines, Energy, Trade, Land Management, Urbanisation and Construction Commission of the National Assembly (NA), and government representatives completed yesterday the review of the draft law on Trade Remedies.

According to a press release of the NA's General Secretariat, the NA side was led by H.E. Ms. Nin Saphon, Chairwoman of the above-said NA commission, while the government side was headed by H.E. Mao Thora, Secretary of State for Commerce.

The draft law on Trade Remedies is a main mechanism to enhance investors' confidence as it will become a key tool ensuring competitiveness with integrity and honesty, stressed H.E. Mao Thora.

Elaborated by the Ministry of Commerce, this six-chapter-and-44-article draft law was approved by the cabinet meeting in March. This document is aimed to protect and settle the negative impacts on Cambodian industry due to dishonest and sharp imports.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press