Restoration of Southeast Tower of Lolei Temple is 70% Complete

The renovation of the southeastern structure of the Lolei Temple in Siem Reap province has so far been 70 percent completed, the APSARA National Authority pointed out this morning.

The restoration work is scheduled to complete by the end of 2021, the source underlined.

Archaeologists from the APSARA National Authority started to restore the southeastern structure in mid-2021, it added.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Lolei Temple was constructed in late 9th century C.E. during the reign of King Yasovarman I. It is an island-temple built in the middle of a now dry baray, Indratataka. Lolei consists of four brick towers on a double laterite platform. It was the last major temple built at Roluos before Yasovarman I move the capital to the Angkor area.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press