Preliminary Result of Research on White-shouldered Ibis in Lomphat Wilddlife Sanctuary Released

An update of the white-shouldered ibis exploring and monitoring in Lomphat Wilddlife Sanctuary has been released by BirdLife International Cambodia Programme.
The critically endangered white-shouldered ibis is present the whole year and breeds in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, it underlined.

“The breeding season of this bird is the dry season from December to April. In early 2020-2021 breading season, our team in Lomphat have found five nests of white-shouldered ibis,” the report said.
“Our field monitoring team is monitoring and exploring for new nests, by far, the four nests are incubating, while one nest failed due to the bird of prey eating their eggs,” it added.
Habitat (foraging and nesting) loss and human disturbance are the main threats to this bird species.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press