Orchidaceae, a New Record in Cambodia

Lecanorchis vietnamica (Orchidaceae) is a newly recorded mycoheterotrophic genus and species from Cambodia, according to Cambodian Journal of Natural History.

It is only known from a single population in Bokor National Park, where the aforementioned specimen was collected. Given that mycoheterotrophic plants are highly dependent on the activities of both the fungi and the trees that sustain them (Suetsugu et al., 2017b), they are particularly sensitive to environmental disturbance. Because deforestation for resort development is rapidly expanding very near the locality of this species, urgent attention is needed to conserve the Cambodian population.

Species within the Lecanorchis genus are distributed across a wide area in South, Southeast and East Asia and the Paci?c region, including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, New Guinea, Paci?c islands, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

In Cambodia, no species of Lecanorchis has been recorded so far. Although the distribution map of Pridgeon et al. (2003) indicated the occurrence of the genus in the country, Suddee & Pedersen (2011) noted that they were unable to ?nd any records of Lecanorchis from Cambodia with a voucher specimen.

During a ?eld survey in Bokor National Park, Kampot province, southern Cambodia in 2012, we discovered one species of Lecanorchis: L. vietnamica Aver. We therefore document the occurrence of L. vietnamica as a newly recorded genus and species for the ?ora of Cambodia. [],it added.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press