New Irrawaddy Dolphin Calf Sighted in the Mekong River

A new Irrawaddy dolphin calf was sighted at Kampi located in Sambok commune, Chet Borei district – one of the important deep pools between Kratie town and Cambodian-Lao border, according to a news release of WWF-Cambodia issued last night.
As part of their monthly monitoring of the Mekong Dolphin, the research team from the Government’s Fisheries Administration and WWF on Dec. 25 photographed an Irrawaddy dolphin calf as this newborn was swimming alongside a group of seven other adult animals.
The research team estimated that the new Irrawaddy dolphin calf is about four days old (until Dec. 27, 2020) and is the 9th calf to be recorded in 2020. The 2020 population census showed that just 89 dolphins remain in the Mekong River.
The protection of Irrawaddy dolphins is crucial not only for the species, but for the Mekong River at large, including an estimate of more than 1,100 species of fish, and other biological ecosystem.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press