NEC’s Independent Endeavour Not Affected by Threats

President of Cambodia National Election Committee (NEC) has reiterated the body's independence and commitment to ensure free and fair election in the country.

H.E. Sik Bun Hok, President of NEC, made the point during a recent event to officially welcome the committee's new vice-president and members at its office here in Phnom Penh.

The reaffirmation followed 'disappointing' pressures from few international communities, including the European Union who announced the suspension of its assistance to NEC earlier.

While acknowledging support from different sources, H.E. Sik Bun Hok underlined that NEC's milestone achievements so far are primarily resulted by the hard work of the team.

NEC's neutral endeavour to ensure quality voter registration and accurate counting of votes particularly for the coming elections in Feb. 25 and Jul. 29 elections, he added, cannot be affected by threats.

By Mom Chandara Soleil

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press