NEC: 3 Political Parties Registered, 16 Received Application Forms

Three political parties have their candidates registered and 16 others received registration application forms for the up-coming sixth-mandate national election race 2018.

The update was shared in a press release of the National Election Committee (NEC) issued yesterday � the second of the two-week-long period allowed for the registration and complaint resolution.

As of the mentioned period, added the release, the three political parties with their candidates registered for the July 29 election include Cambodian People's Party (CPP) and Cambodian Youth Party (CYP) registered on April 30, and Cambodian Nationality Party (CNP) on May 1.

Among the 16 political parties receiving the application forms, five have come to apply for the prerequisite deposit of 15,000,000 Riel (roughly US$ 3,750) at NEC.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press