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With just a click, Malaysians can now learn more about the country's history through the ‘Eksplorasi Negarawan’ atau e-Negarawan Virtual Gallery without having to visit the National Archives.

National Unity Minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said e-Negarawan is a product developed by the National Archives to provide information and understanding of the country’s statesmen.

“A total of 10 memorial archives are involved in the project and all of them store archival materials related to statesmen from various races and religions. e-Negarawan will be a platform for identity building and a spirit of patriotism very much suitable for the younger generation.

“However, it does not mean we do not encourage the public to stop physical visits, instead it is an opportunity for all to enjoy interactive and informative virtual visits,” he said when launching the e-Negarawan Virtual Gallery here tonight.

Aaron said the launch of e-Negarawan shows the importance of preserving the country's historical records and materials.

“Digitalisation efforts will make information sharing possible, quickly and widely around the world. Through data research, there are some users from Indonesia, Singapore, China and the United States who have accessed this virtual gallery, but the numbers are still low.

“Local and foreign visitors can browse the virtual gallery for free via #klikdijari, by scanning a quick response code (QR Code), the National Archives’ social media platforms or via its website at," he said.

He said the National Unity Ministery will continue to support the efforts of departments and agencies such as the National Archives to ensure its goals of building unity and a love for the nation remains consistent.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency