N. Korea urges loyalty for Kim Jong-un on late leader’s birthday

North Korea praised leader Kim Jong-un and called for loyalty as the country marked the 82nd birthday of Kim's late father and former leader Kim Jong-il on Friday. In an editorial, the Rodong Sinmun, the North's main newspaper, lauded the late leader as a "patriot" who established the foundation for national dignity and prosperity and said such feats have been inherited by the current leader. The newspaper claimed the country was able to achieve "miraculous" achievements and growth in areas, including the military, economy and culture, thanks to Kim, and called for the public to uphold his orders for national development. North Korea has been setting a festive mood ahead of the anniversary, which the country celebrates as one of its most important holidays, alongside the birthday of Kim's grandfather and national founder Kim Il-sung. The Korean Central News Agency reported Friday that celebratory events were held in Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan and Switzerland earlier this month to mark the late leader's birt hday, while flower baskets from overseas were laid in front of the statues of the former leaders in Pyongyang. Source: Yonhap News Agency