Monument Capital Group Holdings Appoints World Class Team of Science and Data Experts to Advise on Security and Technology Acquisitions

WASHINGTON, July 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Leading figures in the world of cryptology and data security have joined the expert team at global security industry investment firm Monument Capital Group Holdings (MCGH).

MCGH is an international private investment firm focused on investments in non-lethal products and services in the global and national security sectors. MCGH specifically targets leading-edge technology companies.

Michael Leiter is Head of Global Government & Cyber Operations and Senior Counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies. From 2007 to 2011 he was Director of the United States National Counterterrorism Centre. Mr Leiter has joined MCGH as a Senior Advisor. He will work the MCGH team to provide analysis of the changing global cyber security space and help to inform the firms’ target market and acquisition strategy.

Professor Silvio Micali is a world-renowned cryptologist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Turing Award Laureate. Professor Alex Pentland is Director of Human Dynamics at MIT Media Lab. He is considered a world-leading expert on data. Both have joined MCGH as scientific advisors.

Chairman and Managing Partner of Monument Capital Group Holdings Joel Andre Ornstein said:

"We are developing a team of world class experts who have an unrivalled understanding of the pioneering development and application of technology within the fast moving security and data industries. We are one of only a handful of private equity firms focusing exclusively on the global security market and these appointments give us the insight and edge needed to deliver high growth returns."

Spending on technology and services in the global and national security sectors currently exceeds more than $1.3 trillion globally and is expected to continue to grow in excess of 7% per annum.

The need for off-the-shelf innovative technologies means that middle-market R&D driven companies, pioneering technological innovation, are able to access this high growth, radically shifting market.

Monument Capital Group Holdings Co-founder Robert J.Dunn said:

"Changes in the global security landscape are creating a demand for different kinds of technology developed by new, small to midcap technology-led companies. Monument Capital Group Holdings is targeting investment at those companies that have the potential for significant growth. We use our expertise and access to emerging markets to create significant opportunities for investors and innovative firms alike."

Michael Leiter, Professor Micali and Professor Pentland join an MCGH team that comprises leading figures from the worlds of finance, private equity, government and the technology security sectors.