Mobile Signal Booster Devices Banned

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has banned signal boosters and/or repeaters, explaining that the use of these devices have caused signal interferences of mobile services.

According to its statement issued on July 26, the ministry has identified that the use of signal boosters and repeaters have caused signal interferences and severely affected the quality of mobile services in the surrounding areas, through radio frequency drive tests and mobile service assessment at a number of townships in Phnom Penh.

The ministry requested households currently using signal boosters and/or repeaters to dismantle, remove, and cease the uses of those devices at their respective homes.

Additionally, the ministry asked all related parties to immediately cease the imports of devices that have yet been granted type approval from the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia to avoid legal implications.

The ministry also encouraged mobile network operators to upgrade their equipment and technology as well as to construct additional base transceiver stations in order to expand cell coverage and improve quality of service.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press