SHAH ALAM, The Ministry of Local Government Development plans to collaborate with Tetra Pak Malaysia, the food processing and packaging solution company, in its two pilot projects using the company's recycled products.

Its Minister Nga Kor Ming said the projects are important to show that the government is ready to support private initiatives for the holistic circular economy.

"Today, the ministry is proposing to Tetra Pak for our two pilots project, firstly the government has spent RM50 million this year to set up 3,173 green kiosk powered with solar energy and legalised illegal roadside traders.

"Next year, we are prepared to spend another RM50 million and this time we are going to use Tetra Pak's product for next our pilot project to see how good their products are compared to other conventional materials,” he said here today.

Nga said these in his speech at the ceremony for the renewal of a partnership between Tetra Pak and Nestle Malaysia via the CAREton project, an initiative to collect and recycle used beverage cartons that will be turned into panel board and roofing tiles.

For the second project, Nga said the ministry will use roofing tiles made by recycled items for the social housing project to help the needy change their leaking roof.

"We identified this pilot project to work with Tetra Pak to see whether it is applicable and sustainable (using the recycled materials) and hence we are prepared to give this opportunity to private sector,” he said.

Since 2012, the CAREton Project has collected over 4,000 tonnes or more than 283 million packs of used beverage cartons which have been recycled and converted into polyAI panel boards and roofing tiles which are sufficient to build over 1,400 homes for Orang Asli communities in Malaysia.

This year, the CAREton Project has expanded to include more local councils and collection points, making it even easier for Malaysians to recycle their used beverage cartons.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency