Ministry of Environment and Partners Discuss Big Cat Conservation

A consultation meeting on draft plan to restore big cat (Indochinese Tigers) population was held here last Friday at the Ministry of Environment.

The draft plan is aimed to restore and conserve the population of big cats in Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Eastern Plains Landscape of Mondulkiri, a northeastern province, said the ministry in a news release.

According to H.E. So Khanrithykun, Under Secretary of State of Environment, Cambodia has 51 natural protected areas with a total land area of 7.5 million hectares.

The targeted Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary as an area for the big cat population restoration covers 372,971 hectares of land surface.

In 2010, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) sounded the alarm for the Indochinese tiger ((Panthera tigris Corbetti) because the population of this subspecies had fallen by more than 70 percent in just over a decade. Six countries�Thailand, Cambodia, China, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Myanmar and Vietnam�are now home to only around 350 tigers.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press