Ministry Calls on the Stop of Ill-willed Advocacy under the Name of Environmental Protection

The Ministry of Environment has reiterated the government’s solid commitment in natural resource conservation, and called on the stop of any ill-willed campaign under the name of “environmental protection”.
The ministry’s secretary of state and spokesperson H.E. Neth Pheaktra reinstated the points recently, following the issuance of a series of misrepresentative, destructive and politicised reports and statements, especially related to Prey Lang of Cambodia by some international and domestic non-governmental organisations.
The campaign with such a hidden agenda could mislead the public about the endeavour of the Royal Government in conserving Cambodia’s natural resources as well as promoting the environment for an inclusive and sustainable development.
What makes it so sad is that those groups do not really care about the welfare of Cambodians being shaken by the COVID-19 crisis, but spreading misinformation to hurt their confidence on the government working around o’clock to ensure their safety, he added.
Some local NGOs engaging in the campaign, he continued, have not been registered for legitimate operations.
The secretary of state reaffirmed that the government as well as the Ministry of Environment is very committed to bring any natural resource perpetrators, whether they are loggers, hunters or political activists under the name of forest conservationists, for legal actions, if they make any crimes, violating Cambodia’s laws.
He made it clear that this is not a restriction on the rights or freedoms of any individual or group, but an enforcement of the law, and civil society groups should join hands in promoting the law enforcement.
The Ministry of Environment always welcomes all partners and has been actively engaging in the protection and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity in protected areas within the legal frameworks enshrined and guided by the country’s laws and regulations.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press