Lunar New Year 2018 Road Accident Records

Although the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents during the Feb. 15-17 Lunar New Year 2018 was higher compared with last year, cases and injuries declined � according to local media report.

The source shared police's record indicating 37 deaths and 74 injuries of 54 cases of traffic incidents during the three day festivity, comparing to 32 deaths and 97 injuries of 60 cases last year.

Broken down into days, there were 8 deaths on the first day, 14 on the second and 15 on the third.

As analysed by the report, speeding was the most common cause of the incidents, followed by overtaking and drink driving.

Of the deaths recorded, it added, 27 are motorbike riders, and 17 did not put on helmets.

Lunar New Year, locally called Chinese and Vietnamese New Year festival, is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese Cambodians every year in Cambodia.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press