(LEAD) K-pop songwriter Shinsadong Tiger dies

Shinsadong Tiger, a renowned composer of hit K-pop songs such as "Up and Down" and "Roly-Poly," died at age 40 on Friday, police said. "It is correct that Shinsadong Tiger was found dead, but we are unable to provide further details, including time and place of death," an officer at Gangnam Police Station in southern Seoul said. The cause of his death remains unknown. However, there are currently no indications of any criminal involvement in the death. Earlier, music industry sources said the musician, whose original Korean name is Lee Ho-yang, was found collapsed in his workroom by an acquaintance. Upon arrival at the scene, first aid workers, summoned by a call, found him already deceased, according to the sources. Debuting as a songwriter in 2005, he rapidly rose to prominence, composing numerous chart-toppers throughout the 2010s, including "Roly-Poly" by T-ara, Apink's "NoNoNo," EXID's "Up and Down" and Momoland's "Bboom Bboom." In 2011, he turned to become a music producer and founded AB Entertain ment, which debuted girl group EXID the following year. Facing financial difficulties in 2017, he applied for rehabilitation procedures with the court, which were subsequently approved. Most recently, he worked as a chief producer of TR Entertainment, where he launched girl group Tri.be in 2021.