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LambdaTest launches Test Muting Feature to Improve Software Testing Efficiency

LambdaTest’s new Test Muting feature streamlines testing, reduces noise, and accelerates feedback, improving software testing efficiency

San Francisco, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform, has launched Test Muting currently in the BETA stage and is available exclusively for select customers. This strategic tool, meticulously designed to empower organizations in managing and controlling test scenarios prone to persistent failures, brings a new era of efficiency to software testing.

LambdaTest’s Test Muting feature addresses crucial needs by providing users with the ability to automatically mute troublesome tests, thus decluttering test results and enabling a sharper focus on mission-critical issues.

This feature accelerates the feedback loop, facilitating the rapid identification and management of problematic tests. Customizable thresholds offer adaptability to changing testing scenarios, while manual control ensures users have the autonomy to mute or unmute specific test cases, aligning with dynamic testing requirements. LambdaTest’s Test Muting also features a comprehensive activity history, empowering users with insights into their testing strategy’s evolution and the effectiveness of muted tests.

Mayank Bhola, Co-Founder, and Head of Product at LambdaTest said, “The Test Muting feature underscores our commitment to delivering the tools our users need to succeed in today’s dynamic testing landscape. By enhancing the efficiency of testing, it not only saves valuable time and resources but also contributes to an organization’s bottom line.”

LambdaTest’s introduction of Test Muting marks a significant step toward improving software testing efficiency and providing users with more control over their testing processes. It is set to empower select customers with the ability to streamline their testing efforts, reduce noise, and expedite feedback, reflecting LambdaTest’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to the success of organizations in the ever-evolving landscape of software testing.

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