Kawasaki International ECO-Tech Fair 2015 Opened Successfully

KAWASAKI, Japan, Feb. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The two-day Kawasaki International ECO-Tech Fair 2015 was held in Todoroki Arena of Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan on February 05, 2015. The Fair was attended by 138 international enterprises and organizations as well as ECO-Tech experts to share effective environmental protection measures, valuable experience and production-related ecological technology.

Birdview of Kawasaki in 2012 (above) and in 1960s (below)

Birdview of Kawasaki in 2012 (above) and in 1960s (below)

Kawasaki, famous for its industry, is located in Kanagawa, Japan. It is near Tokyo and in the center of Japanese archipelagos with a population of 1.46 million, 500 of whom are from Thailand (The data was collected at the end of December, 2014). Apart from the title of well-known industrial city, Kawasaki is also a place of dreams and rich culture. Doraemon, deeply loved by children all over the world, is just a "special citizen" of the city. The museum of its writer, famous cartoonist Fujiko•F•Fujio, is also situated in the city, together with the eminent Taro Okamoto Museum of Art.

From 1960s to 1970s, Kawasaki, as a major city of Keihin In. Zone during the rapid development period, played a very important role in Japanese industrial development. It served as an engine for Japanese industrial development and meanwhile suffered from environmental degradation such as air/water pollution caused by overload development. In order to solve environmental pollution, Kawasaki citizens, enterprises and government closely worked together and finally turned Kawasaki into a suitable living place again through persistent efforts and practical experience.

Nowadays, Kawasaki is under rapid development supported by a large number of enterprises and R&D institutes with advanced ecological technology. KING SKYFRONT, opposite to Haneda Airport, has made a significant contribution to solve the health, medical care, welfare and environment problems and to promote the formation of R&D base for new industries. A variety of power generation facilities including the most advanced and efficient coal-fired power plant, natural gas power plant and solar-wind power plant have emerged along the coastal industrial zone to provide power for the capital and facilitate widespread introduction and practical application of hydrogen energy. In November 2014, Kawasaki entered into a cooperation agreement with Toshiba Corporation to verify the use of self-support energy supply system composed of renewable energy and hydrogen and the verification test is expected to be carried out in April, 2015. The system will use electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen for PV generation. The produced hydrogen will be stored in fuel tanks for power generation and warm water. The system is able to run independently to produce power and warm water even if the basic living infrastructure is damaged by natural cause. Additionally, the system can also be transported to the disaster area by trucks.

Green Kawasaki has gained more and more attention from the world. In 2008, President Hu Jintao came to Kawasaki to visit related enterprises. In 2014, Narongchai, Minister of Energy, Thailand, visited energy facilities in Kawasaki.

Clean energy and energy conservation/creation/storage technology has attracted worldwide concern regarding the power supply problem occurred after the big earthquake of eastern Japan. Kawasaki is taking constant effort to build a secure society and develop/popularize energy technology in order to enable the advanced ecological technology to support other Asian countries and regions suffering from environmental problems caused by overdevelopment of industries. As a result, a large-scale International ECO-Tech Fair was held in 2009 in Kawasaki in order to publish more comprehensive international environmental information and facilitate more business negotiations. This time, Kawasaki International ECO-Tech Fair 2015, with the theme of "Kawasaki now brings environmental technologies to the world", is an international business negotiation platform for people in the environmental industry from 30 countries and regions (mainly from Asian). Different advanced projects and oversea successful examples will be shown in the Fair and various expert forums will be held.                   

Every year, various oversea project introduction meetings and expert forums are held in Kawasaki and attended by many experts from Asian countries and regions such as Thailand. A number of research results and ecological technology will be introduced to the world and a great contribution will be made through industrial exchange and technology transfer.

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