Jaguar Asia Art Tech Prize Now Underway, Rules Released, Official Website Online

Drawing inspiration from exquisite classic craftsmanship and highlighting the endless imagination of artistic creativity

Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize is jointly organized by Jaguar Taiwan and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association

Application and competition rules have been released. The official website is online starting today.

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Jaguar Asia Art Tech Prize, jointly organized by Jaguar Taiwan and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association, is now underway, with its application rules and regulations having been released and its official website now online.

The Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize has been highly anticipated by Asian artists in the techno art field. Contestants may submit their applications starting today. The application deadline is April 30, 2015. For more details, please visit the Prize’s website (

Sir William Lyons, the founder of Jaguar, once said, "Cars are the closest we have come to making something that feels alive." Three quarters of a century of nurturing, art, technology, and craftsmanship has created cars like the Jaguar E-Type, XJ220, F-Type. These are cars that deserved to be savored; classic cars with a sleek exterior and a powerful motor; cars that are the combination of perfect design and drive. These cars were made by breaking through creative barriers and from brilliant interactions. Jaguar cars are the finest portrayal of techno art, creating a never-ending experience of beauty.

After a long period of discussion, Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan, Chiuo Ho Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association have established the Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize. The Taiwan Art Gallery Association was established in June of 1992. Ever since its genesis, it has held an annual gallery fair. With the goal of encouraging artistic talent and enhancing artistic development and the art environment in Taiwan and in Asia, Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan, Chiuo Ho Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. and the Taiwan Art Gallery Association have jointly embarked on a new journey of aesthetics with the highest prize money targeting on Asian artist in the techno art category in the world.

The Jaguar Asia Art Tech Prize aims to encourage artists in the field of tecnho art. By doing so, it hopes to enhance the development of techno art. The prize aims to reward the most innovative artist in the techno art field of that year and also the artist that can bring the most positive impact for humanity and the environment. The committee is comprised of professionals dedicated to promoting the development of art in Taiwan and professors at art universities. They include: Hsieh Pei-ni, the director of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts; Wang Jun-Jieh, Chief Director of Center for Art and Technology at the Taipei National University of the Arts; Huang Wen-hao, CEO of Digital Art Center, Taipei; and Loh Li-Chen, Managing Director of Association of infoDATE, Taiwan. The committee hopes to build the Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize into an exchange platform for techno art, both within Taiwan and all of Asia, in order to create a whole new look for Taiwan.

Preliminary results will be announced on the website before June 30, 2015. The committee and judges will adjudicate the final round at Art Taipei 2015 on October 30, 2015 and the awards will be presented at Art Taipei 2015. Not only will the 1st prize winner receive $1 million NT, the largest prize targeting on Asian artists in the techno art category, but 4 other runner-ups will also each receive $100,000 NT as creative compensation in hopes that they will write a new page in the development of art and creativity in Taiwan.

Avant-garde creative group, HH, uses technology as a creative medium to create a heated clash of the senses

The venue will be full of rhythm, lighting, and interactive programs to showcase a thriving vitality that "never ceases to amaze".

Techno art can be created using many mediums. Through interactions to communicate a unique sense of beauty and passion, we can create brand new possibilities. HH, founded by sound artists Zhonghan Yao and Tinghao Yeh, will be performing at Jaguar Art Tech Prize. Avant-garde and imaginative visual effects coupled with a strong rhythm will rush at your senses. Digital creations will also serve as a direct interactive bridge with the audience. An intense experience of the senses will tear down limits. A fusion and transformation of different artistic fields can create contemporary artistry achievements, which just happens to reflect the "never ceases to amaze" spirit of Jaguar’s brand. This also precisely evokes the mission of the Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize.

The Jaguar Asia Tech Art Prize draws its inspiration from the classic craftsmanship of Jaguar cars. It hopes to utilize an even more active creative environment to spark an endless imagination of techno art and to experience a vitality that never ceases to amaze.