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Intesa Sanpaolo Participated in 2023 Rimini Meeting

Barrese (Intesa Sanpaolo): “We have provided assistance to the population amounting to €30 mln over the past year”

MILAN, Italy, Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intesa Sanpaolo participated in 2023 Rimini Meeting. A discussion on the country’s economic development begins with two questions: how to measure it and how to understand whether it’s time for a new strategic role for the State in supporting businesses. These are the themes that were debated during the roundtable ‘Supporting Development: New Policies for an Innovative Economy’ at the Rimini Meeting. The event saw the participation, via video link, of the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti.

Stefano Barrese, Head of the Banca dei Territori Division at Intesa Sanpaolo, emphasized the central role that the institution plays in supporting the social sphere. “In the last year, we have provided around €30 million in assistance to the population,” including provisions for “food, meals, clothing, and medicines,” Barrese explained. He further highlighted that the overall goal of the business plan, which is set to conclude by 2025, was to exceed €50 million, aiming to utilize the bank’s resources to “minimize the well-being gap” that currently exists in the country.

Speaking about the significance of a concrete collaboration with the State, Barrese recalled the development fostered by Intesa Sanpaolo. Over the past three years, the bank has financed approximately €90 billion across the entire national territory, including interventions during the pandemic. “We have financed around €90 billion over the past three years across the entire national territory. A significant portion of this, especially when the financing is intended for abroad, is carried out through SACE; much of it occurs, as I’ve already mentioned, through the central fund. Therefore, the support and synergy with the State are very strong, and this is the way in which we, together, saved the country. During the Covid emergency, we provided almost €40 billion to small and medium-sized enterprises, using guarantee funds and providing liquidity to the country at a time when it was otherwise impossible to do so. Hence, there is no other way but to emerge from it together,” he stated, underlining the importance of “jointly enhancing the country’s great potential,” which “abounds.”

On Intesa Sanpaolo’s role, Barrese concluded: “As the Banca dei Territori Division, it is crucial for us to perceive our activity as genuine and direct support to communities through the entrepreneurs who are the protagonists.

The multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises, spread across the entire national territory, come in various sizes, and their common characteristic is not only excellence in production but also the immense attention they pay to their collaborators and their region. That’s why, over the years, we have developed our credit activity not only by providing credit itself but also by envisioning a path for entrepreneurs to further expand their presence in the region. This is why we conceived sustainable S-Loans, which are loans with sustainability in mind. Entrepreneurs periodically set themselves goals for enhancing their environmental and sustainable footprint,” he concluded.

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