Information Minister Reconfirms the Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

Social media, mainly Facebook, has become a popular tool among people, businessmen, students, scholars, government officials and politicians to broadcast, attract and compete with their competitors, said H.E. Khieu Kanharith, Minister of Information.

H.E. Minister made the remarks this morning while presiding over the opening ceremony of the Ministry of Information's annual meeting to assess its work in 2015 and set forth new work directions in 2016.

Facebook is a simple, easy and quick social media network that can be used everywhere and at every time, he said, adding that with only a smart phone, data can be shared very fast.

Therefore, H.E. Khieu Kanharith advised all officials to use Facebook as much as possible with high effectiveness.

Anyway, the information minister also mentioned about the disadvantages of Facebook, explaining that some users have used Facebook as a forum to curse each other, exaggerate information, incite to chaos, distort the facts and so on, and as a result some of them are staying behind the bar.

Source: AKP