Health Spokesperson Urges Reporters to Circulate Accurate Information

Spokesperson and Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health H.E. Dr. Or Vandine has urged reporters including for the Voice of America (VOA), an American international broadcaster, to air accurate news, essential in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.
H.E. Dr. Or Vandine floated the particular attention during a press conference on the Law on Preventive Measures against the Spread of COVID-19 and Other Severe and Dangerous Contagious Diseases, yesterday at the ministry.
According to the spokesperson, the VOA reported that the Ministry of Health did not provide an explanation for the death of a COVID-19 patient.
Also, there were accusations that the ministry has changed the name of the AstraZeneca received recently through the COVAX facility to COVISHIELD, and about untransparent utilisation of the financing from domestic donors to buy COVID-19 vaccines as all the vaccines Cambodia received so far are through donations.
The spokesperson re-clarified that the vaccine Cambodia received through the COVAX facility was the one licenced by AstraZeneca to produce in India, and it was called COVISHIELD.
For the domestically donated fund, she reassured, the Royal Government will use it to buy more vaccines as the donated vaccines – including 1 million doses of Sinopharm from the People’s Republic of China and 1.1 million doses through the COVAX facility – are not enough.
Based on the latest update she received, more Sinopharm doses will arrive by April and more of the vaccine through COVAX facility was scheduled to come by June.
H.E. Dr. Or Vandine has encouraged the reporters involved in the misreporting and others to ensure accurate and ethical circulation of information in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding among the public.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press