Global Corporate Challenge(C) Names Alcoa “World’s Most Active Organization” for Second Year Running

NEW YORK, September 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Alcoa employees have taken home the title of “World’s Most Active Organization” for the second consecutive year. In teams of seven, the workforce of this manufacturing powerhouse crossed the globe 417 times in 100 days, all part of a virtual challenge rolled out to promote good health, friendly competition and better performance in the workplace.

In teams of 7, more than 22,000 Alcoa employees again embraced the GCC to bring home the 'World's Most Active Organization' title for the second consecutive year.

The accomplishment comes after 22,000 Alcoa employees participated in the 2014 Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) — a leading employee health and performance initiative whose 100-day virtual journey around the globe is part of a program encompassing physical activity, nutrition and sleep.

The program blends science with entertainment so employees and their organizations enjoy the benefits that come with long-term health and performance.

After taking part, 85% of participating Alcoa employees said the initiative had a positive impact on their relationship with exercise. A further 69% said they had improved their energy levels, while nearly 59% said GCC had decreased their levels of stress either at work or at home.

For years, organizations have known that there is a direct link between the health of their employees and levels of performance, morale and engagement. What hasn’t always been quite so clear, however, is how employers can help improve the habits of their people.

“Wellness is an integral part of our values, just like safety, and the Global Corporate Challenge proved to be an excellent initiative to help our employees achieve demonstrable improvements to their health, which ultimately makes them more productive and engaged,” explained Kevin McKnight, Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety and Chief Sustainability Officer.

During the 100-day journey, participants can walk, run, cycle or swim and track their progress on the GCC website or via award-winning mobile apps. Teams can see their group and individual progress, as well as that of their competitors, join the community hub to interact with other participants, and claim virtual rewards based on their accomplishments.

When Alcoa, a leading producer of aluminum, first joined the program three years ago, the timing was perfect. The organization had just launched its own internal initiative promoting more exercise, better nutrition, decreased tobacco usage and increased wellbeing for employees. In its first year of GCC, 651 employees took part. Since then, the demand has steadily grown, with 22,484 teams participating in 2014.

“Alcoa joined the Global Corporate Challenge to give our employees an opportunity to increase their level of physical activity and to improve their heart health,” explained McKnight. “The interest and engagement from our workforce was fantastic and we are extremely proud of what our employees collectively accomplished,” he added.

Alcoa’s employees are part of a global movement: this year’s GCC hosted over 40,000 teams comprised of almost 300,000 employees from 1,200 organizations around the world. Novartis provided strong competition for the title of “World’s Most Active Organization”, claiming second spot while Royal Dutch Shell came a close third.

Of all the industries that participate in the GCC, Fujitsu took the number one place in the I.T. industry, while Thomson Reuters claimed top position in the Professional Services category.

After a well-deserved break, participants now look forward to GCC Sprint where they will try to outpace virtual opponents over the challenging holiday period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Statistics derived from participants who completed both the pre-event and post-event online survey.

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