Foreigners and NGOs Violating Election Laws to Face Legal Actions

Foreigners and non-governmental organisations violating election laws of Cambodia potentially causing social disorder will face eviction or imprisonment, said National Election Committee (NEC), said the committee's Spokesperson H.E. Hang Puthea lately when being interviewed by local media.

Applied election regulations and procedures, he added, were grounded heavily on the laws, so those who abuse them will end up with similar legal action.

Foreigners and registered NGOs, he underscored, are supposed to be independent institutions, not politically affiliated or implementing wrongful activities threatening social security.

According to NEC, campaign for 2018 senate member election of the 4th legislature began on Feb. 10 until 23, and the indirect election will fall on Feb. 25.

As officially scheduled, Cambodia will hold the national election on July 29, 2018.

ource: Agency Kampuchea Press